10 Cancer Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

by John Esposito
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You know you have to eat a balanced diet and work out regularly and you’re fine with that. But most men don’t really think a regular visit to the doctor is a necessity. This can turn out to be a not-so-wise choice since it means early signs of cancer cannot be determined. To protect yourself from this disease, it is important that you don’t turn a blind eye to the onset of cancer, especially because early symptoms of cancer can be mild and be mistaken for something not serious. Below are 10 signs of cancer you must certainly not ignore:

1. When you struggle with urination

man holding crotch indicating urinary problemsSeveral men experience problems when they pee, especially those who are older. These peeing troubles include the urge to pee more frequently, particularly at night, trickling, dripping, or an immediate urge to go, and difficulty to pee. Typically, these symptoms are caused by an enlarged prostate gland, but bear in mind that prostate cancer can cause these very same symptoms, as well.

2. If you notice that your testicles have changed

In the case that you begin to notice some changes on your testicles, such as you feel a lump or realize there’s heaviness in it, you need to have it looked at. This is because while prostate cancer takes time to develop, testicular cancer develops pretty fast, which is why as soon as the aforementioned signs appear, a doctor’s diagnosis is crucial to receive the necessary treatment.

3. There’s blood in pee or stool

This is one of the initial signs of cancer of the bladder, kidneys, or colon. It’s just wise to set a doctor’s appointment when there’s bleeding that’s abnormal, despite not showing other signs. If it’s not cancer, it is probably haemorrhoids or a urinary infection.

4. There’s change on your skin

arm of elderly with IV lineIf you have a mole and you see that it’s become different in size, shape, or color;or even if you see other changes on other parts of the skin, it is important to consult with your doctor. When there are spots that have just appeared or seem to have changed prominently are strong indications of skin cancer. Waiting is not a good idea when it comes to skin cancer, or any other kinds of cancer. In this case, you will have to undergo a medical examination and maybe a biopsy.

5. Your lymph nodes have become different

Lymph nodes found in your neck, armpits, and other places frequently indicate that something’s happening in your body. Typically, this means your immune system is combating a sore throat or cold. However, specific cancers can also lead them to alter. If the swelling doesn’t improve in 2-4 weeks, you have to see your doctor.

6. You find it hard to swallow

Though you may be one of those people who find it tough to swallow every now and then, if this difficulty doesn’t get better and you experience other symptoms like weight loss or vomiting, it’s best to check your doctor to clear you of throat or stomach cancer.

7. When your mouth is not the same as before

This means red patches inside your mouth or on the lips. This needs to get checked, especially if you’re a smoker since you have greater possibility of developing mouth cancer.

8. When you’re losing weight unintentionally

If your diets and workout habits are still the same, but you seem to keep on shedding pounds, stress or thyroid issue could be the culprit. On the other hand, shedding 10 pounds or more without intending to is unusual. Though nearly all unintentional weight loss does not really point to cancer, it’s also one of the indications of pancreas, stomach or lung cancer.

9. When your fever doesn’t get better

Fever happens to everyone and usually it’s not serious since this only translates to your body combating an infection. On the other hand, a fever that doesn’t get better could point to signs of leukemia or another type of blood cancer.

10. Constant Pain

Even though cancer is not responsible for most pains and aches in the body, it becomes a different story when the pain lasts for over a month. Constant pain can indicate various kinds of cancer, particularly the ones that spread in the body.

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