10 Common Hobbies That Can Give You Extra Cash

by John Esposito
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Hobbies are the things you do because doing them makes you feel better. You do it for pleasure in your leisure time. Hobbies are powerful. They can disengage you from the daily grind of life and allow you to just flow with the moment. As a matter of fact, many people are successful because they manage to turn their hobbies into lifelong careers. Isn’t it nice? You’re doing things because you love doing them and you’re also earning in the process.

It would even be much better if you turn your hobbies into a career whatever they may be. Below is the list of hobbies that you may already be doing or wanting to do in the future. If you’re not earning from them yet, try tweaking a few things and start attracting the cash to come in.

Writing and blogging

There’s money in writing when you know how to play your cards right. As a hobby, you can start by creating your own blog and writing the things you’re passionate about. Don’t get trapped by worrying about where to start. At times, you don’t know what you want until you start doing it. Just write about anything under the sun as long as it interests you.

blogger writing in cafeNever mind if for a few months you’re only the one reading your posts. Later on, you’ll attract a tribe who gets fascinated by everything you say. This can give you clues about the topics you’re good at. Get deeper with that topic. When you have enough readers, you may want to start affiliate marketing. You may also start freelancing as you already have your blog that can support as your portfolio.

Public speaking

Famous book authors admitted that they turbocharged their career when they started public speaking. Nowadays, people are more open to motivational and inspiring topics. If you think you have an idea to share or a cause you want to pursue, that would be the focus of your public speaking career.

You can begin this hobby by asking to speak during important events on your local community, religious group, or any organization you’re part of. It may take enough time to practice and gain the kind of confidence you need in engaging your audience, but when you know how to play it in the long run, you may be surprised when organizers will hand you an envelope as a token of appreciation for speaking in their event.

Graphic designing

Creating and editing images is fun. Watch tutorials on YouTube and other online channels to improve your skills and be the best at what you do. When you’re already confident, try volunteering to create a logo or poster for your organization’s project. When it turns out really great, you don’t have to tell others about it. The internet will do it for you. And you can only wait for your first client to call on your number.

Becoming a fitness instructor

More and more people are into physical fitness these days. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, it would then be easier for you to gather your peers and teach them the physical tricks you do to achieve those killer abs.

Creating and editing videos

The internet loves videos. And when you’re good at creating one, finding followers is not a problem. When your friends or family often ask you to take and edit videos for them during weddings and birthdays, take it as a sign that you’re good at it. And when you receive appreciation for what you did, it’s a clue that you can earn from it either as a sideline or a full-time source of income. Develop your skills and become the best video editor this planet has ever had.

Teaching music

Musicality is a talent that musicians are born with. This is a few of those talents that can seldom be learned. The musically inclined people have it run through their genes. If you have this gift, you’re among the chosen ones who catch it when God rained music on Earth. It would then be much easier for you to teach others how to sing or play a musical instrument. At first, it would be for free. But many people want to pay someone who is able to mentor them one on one with the skills they want to develop. Become a mentor then.

Working on cars

Working on and repairing cars take great skill that not all men can learn. There was even this woman who beat her male friend in detecting the part of a car that needed a repair. If you’re great at repairing cars, tell your friends about it. You not only help them out but earn money as well.


baking sugar cookiesSome people bake food to eat and some bake for fun. A lot of passionate bakers made it to the top by taking photos of their baked goodies and posted it online. Orders from friends began pouring in and before they knew it, they have their own business right inside their kitchen. You can try this strategy if baking is your passion.


Tattoo artists see the human skin as a canvas where they can express their creative hands on. You may resonate with this. A lot of people just love their skin to be painted on or to engrave memories literally on their bodies. It would not be difficult for you to find customers. You can try your tattoo skills on your friends. When this hobby kicks off, then you can join the band of tattooists who make a living out of it.

Giving product reviews

Whether in video form or in writing, product reviews are gathering popularity online. Buyers are now beginning to get wiser and ensure they get what they’re paying for. Before buying stuff, they consult the internet first and see what users can say about the product. If you’re among those who want to try the latest cool stuff out there, post some reviews and earn from it as well. Some producers even send their products to social media influencers for a good review.

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