10 Simple Ways Busy Dads Can Stay Healthy and Fit

by John Esposito
father and son push ups

Whether you’re a new dad, a rich dad, a poor dad, or an old dad, getting fit and healthy should be at the top of your list. Not that you should focus more on these things than on the bills that are piling up or the deadlines that are to be beaten up. You should never take your focus away on these things.

What we’re trying to say is for you to keep yourself healthy and fit because you can only think more clearly and produce more positive results when you’re healthy and fit. The state of your health means a lot to you and your family. It can either make or break your budget.

You don’t even have to enroll yourself in an expensive gym membership to achieve your health and fitness goals. The truth is, there are many things you can do at home that can help you stay in your best shape. Starting your health regimen at home is helpful, especially when you’ve not been into physical training for a long time. The following tips and tricks will help you kickstart your health regimen.

1. List down a specific reason why you want to get healthy and fit

When looking for a good reason to stay healthy, a lot of them may come racing in your mind. They can range from wanting to look good, feel better, avoid diseases, and so on and so forth.

But how about looking forward to your son’s tenth birthday? That might seem far when your kid is still two years old, but the point is to hold on to a long-term goal. A good reason involving a loved one will likely keep you going during tough times. Looking forward to your son’s future birthday can give you a much deeper reason. It’s a subtle suggestion that says, you need to be healthy and fit to be able to save for your son’s birthday bash.

2. Start at home

father and daughter workoutAs we have stated above, you don’t have to spend money on a gym membership to stay healthy and fit. You can start at home with the use of a little creativity.

It can be as simple as playing with your kids. If push-ups with a kid on your back is a difficult start, acro yoga may not be. You can have your child balance himself on your hands and feet while you lie on the floor. This not only exercises your muscles but a good bonding time with your child too.

3. Play with your child at the park

Run with your child around the park or climb trees. Most children find enjoyment in tree climbing. You can also play hide and seek. Playing with your child is like hitting two birds with one stone. You get active while having amazing bonding time together.

4. Run with the stroller

In charge of the kid? No problem. Put him in the stroller and run while pushing him. You only need a good running stroller to have this good exercise. Your kid will not only have a breath of fresh air but will enjoy immensely this activity.

5. Exercise in the morning

If having a jog or running alone work best for you, you better wake up early and do it when everybody else is still asleep. There is no better way to connect with yourself and achieve your goals than in the morning.

Besides the fresh air and quiet morning, you can also get a dose of vitamin D when there is sunrise in your place. Morning exercises even for 30 minutes can provide you mental clarity all throughout the day.

6. Partner with your wife

If it’s possible for both you and your wife to be away from home for a couple of minutes, invite her to run with you. Doing an important task, like establishing a healthy habit, works great with a buddy. Your wife can encourage you to stay on track when you don’t feel like it.

If outdoor exercises together aren’t possible, look for other exercises you can do together indoors. Play an exercise video and choose one that can work for both of you. This can also be a great way to bond together, especially when you’re both leading busy lives.

7. Squeeze your exercise time into your daily schedule

Try to make exercising daily a habit. If you think your schedule is already full, trade the least important tasks with your exercise time.

For example, instead of watching that series on Netflix, give it up and exercise instead. It would be hard at first, but when you have a solid reason why you need to exercise than watch TV, getting it done is much easier.

Exercising should not only be your only goal, but it should also be creating good habits that aid you on the way to getting healthy and fit. Even thirty minutes a day done on a consistent basis will work wonders.

8. Set short term goals

family workout and fitnessSetting big goals and reaching them can make you feel great about yourself. But running after your big goals is never that easy. You need to break your goals into small chunks to make them more attainable.

Let’s say, your goal is to run five miles. You can start by running one kilometer a day. You can then increase the number as you go along. If possible, set a specific time to achieve your goals.

Try not to get too focused on your big goals too. When you’re a dad, a lot of things can happen. The child could possibly get sick and many other things, which can take you away from your goals for a time. Don’t beat yourself up if ever you fail to hit your health goals. Just take it slow and steady and never forget to have fun. It’s the process that makes the big difference.

9. Reward yourself

Celebrating small victories can inspire yourself to push harder and do more. So, whenever you hit a specific milestone, give yourself a reward. The good feeling you get over your small wins will likely increase when you give yourself a pat in the back.

10. Eat healthy

Of course, your health and fitness goals are likely to fail when you don’t accompany it with a nutrient packed diet. This means eating more leafy greens and healthy nuts. Avoiding artificial sweeteners, fatty foods, and too much alcohol consumption is also a must.

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