12 Things You Should Not Do If You Want to Train Like an Athlete

by John Esposito
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Getting your best shape requires buckets of sweat and an iron will. The road to looking and feeling great is never easy but the payoff can be worth more than the effort you put in. If you need to train like an athlete, do so as if you’re one and you will thank yourself for it.

Here are the things you should consider when you want to become a leaner version of yourself.

1. Don’t allow your commitment to dwindle

One of the things that set champions from the aspirants is their ability to commit and protect their goals and dreams. It takes an extreme sense of commitment when you want to achieve something and want it so bad you won’t allow things to get in the way unless there’s a real emergency that needs your immediate attention.

Staying committed may mean getting up earlier than you used to and creating a discipline necessary for your workout success. Things could be hard in the beginning but as soon as you’re able to adjust to the new routine, staying committed may no longer be that challenging.

2. Don’t take your nutrition for granted

On your way to building stronger muscles, stay away from the food pyramid guide, which is helpful only for people who want to stay fit without the muscles.

Muscle building requires massive amounts of protein and healthy fats. These foods, which include lean beef, poultry, fish, cottage cheese, whey protein, whole grains, and oatmeal, should always be on your plate.

Your nutrition plays a crucial role in muscle mass. Hence, don’t take it as an option. It’s a must you should never ignore.

3. Don’t forget the vegetables

fit couple with vegetablesRemember Popeye’s secret? Yes, a can of spinach. In your case, spinach and a variety of other leafy greens. These nutrient-loaded veggies help you fight off fatigue, which is common to happen when you’re working out.

Chronic fatigue may slow down your progress, but you can prevent it from happening by consuming loads of leafy greens.

Thanks to blenders and juicers, it’s now easier for you to consume massive amounts of these superfoods along with other healthy combinations of almond milk, frozen berries, oats, chia seeds, and maybe a scoop of protein powder.

4. Don’t take protein one-time big time

Since protein is essential in muscle building, you might consume it in massive amounts but not in the most effective way. Experts say spreading your protein consumption is more effective when you build muscles than take it on one regular meal a day.

Instead of loading your breakfast with protein, spread the amount in your morning smoothie, breakfast, midmorning shake, and lunch. This enables your muscles to work and grow more efficiently and effectively.

Whey protein, on the other hand, can be served best as a pre-workout food because it’s easier to digest and can reduce cravings throughout the day.

5. Don’t be too hard on yourself

Your buddy may do well in strictly following his diet, but you just can’t. If this is the case, don’t beat yourself up. Cheat once in a while to keep your sanity and avoid feeling bitter while on your way to becoming the best that you can be.

Give yourself a go for that bar of chocolate or a delicious cookie your wife prepared. As long as you’re not making it a habit, you’re still safe. Or else, you may lose the hard work and have to start all over again.

6. Don’t stay too long at parties

If you’re the sociable type, parties could mean a lot to you. But when you’re on a fitness journey, staying away from late-night parties could serve you well.

Quality sleep is crucial for your hardcore training. Good sleep is where your muscles heal, restore, and grow optimally. In the real sense, a significant amount of sleep can boost your athletic performance.

7. Don’t forget your other muscle group

Even if you aim to have six-pack abs, this doesn’t mean you will forget about your back or leg muscles. Different muscle groups help you support your entire body. Working on different muscle groups for about 10 to 15 sets each group per week can provide you with maximum results.

8. Don’t fret when you hit a plateau

Hitting a plateau amid your fitness journey is normal. This happens when your results start to decrease instead of increase. You may find your strength diminishing, so is your mental toughness. The familiarity of the routines may have made you bored.

When this happens, try not to fight or force yourself. Instead, take a mini vacation that still allows you to stay active. Find a buddy and go for a hike, swim, bike, or a kayaking adventure. Basically, you have lots of options to keep your muscles moving while taking a break.

9. Don’t overlook your tendons

In traditional training, the tendons were once considered untrainable. But as exercise science has improved, specific exercises are aimed to strengthen and train the tendons. Go for these workouts to reduce injury and improve your tendon rigidity and explosive potential.

10. Don’t believe you’re too old for high-intensity workouts

If you’re well on your way to your forties, you might think those low testosterone levels could prevent you from training hard. But such is a belief from a long time ago. Lots of athletes have come to defy aging. Their secret? Putting more emphasis on their lower body.

As you grow older you may not be as fast as when you were 21, but you can maintain your strength by working on your lower body. Treat your legs as stronger than your arms and you will stay strong well into old age.

11. Don’t overtrain

exhausted man from workoutYou hear the adage “No pain, no gain.” In your quest to get the best results, you may train like a beast, which can lead to overtraining. Trainers say it’s easier to get into shape when undertrained than to get back from overtraining.

But how can you tell when you’ve gone overboard?

This is where fitness trackers are a big help. Having these wearables enables you to know when to stop or move forward. Get yourself a fitness tracker to stay safe while training hard and often.

12. Don’t forget the supplements

Lastly, don’t rely on your physical prowess alone. You will greatly improve your performance when your body is fueled with the right supplement that helps you keep going as well as unleash your fullest potential.

Your peak performance depends largely on your energy levels and optimum blood flow, which you can get from supplements like Male UltraCore.

Try Male UltraCore and achieve the maximum performance that the best version of yourself is capable of. You can access Male UltraCore here.

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