15 Life Hacks for Stronger Erections

by John Esposito
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Your penis is one of the most complicated parts of your anatomy. It surprises you by getting strong even without evident trigger or may one day disappoint you when you’re most ready for action. Nevertheless, if you have an ounce of idea on how your penis works, you’re more likely to be its master than its lowly slave.

A lot of processes are going on inside you that affect your penis’ performance. Harmful chemicals and clogged arteries are some of the contributory factors that affect your erection. And in opportune times when your penis is as strong as hardwood, without you knowing why it’s acting that way, something in your physiology is working great for your penis’ advantage.

These always happen after you’ve rested or had a good quality sleep. Good sleep allows the proper flow of oxygenated blood to all parts of the body, especially to the penis. A good amount of oxygenated blood in the penis paves the way for stronger erections. But you can’t sleep all day and all night to keep that erection. You need to function for survival.

No need to worry though. Men who have found the secret to stronger and longer erections were generous enough to share their life hacks, which allow your body to function properly and give your penis the best of health.

Watch Your Health

In all aspects of life, perfect health can take you anywhere. It can enhance your relationships, prime you for success, and most especially, give you tremendously steamy sex life. On the contrary, you can’t perform your best in the bedroom when you’re unhealthy. Your penis wouldn’t allow you to do it. To keep your body in its best shape for better bedroom performance, here are the tips:

1. Exercise

Exercise can do a lot of things in your sex life. It can give you more energy and stamina. To build endurance, do cardio. Running, walking, and swimming are the best cardio exercises that keep your blood and juices flowing.

Cardio exercises clear deposits that clog penile arteries, which affect erections.  Walking two miles a day can help improve the quality of your erections, studies say. Besides, aerobic exercises help you release nitric oxide, a free radical necessary for maintaining an erection.

For better bedroom performance, stay off the bike because it’s been commonly linked with ED. Also, avoid wearing tight clothing while exercising as this can affect your blood’s circulation and may affect blood flow to the penis.

2. Eat healthily

couple prepares healthy mealYour eating habits also affect the quality of your erection. Improving your diet reduces your chances of getting serious health conditions like diabetes and heart problems, which can directly affect your testosterone levels and erection.

The best foods that support stronger erections include fruit and vegetables, legumes, and whole grains.

3. Drink coffee

Aside from the bursts of energy your cup of joe brings you, it can help for stronger erections as well.

4. Check your sugar

Diabetes is the shortest route to impotence. Damaged arteries prevent the proper transmission of stimuli along the nerves and keep your penis from functioning its best. You can keep diabetes at bay by being conscious of your eating habits and maintaining a healthy weight.

5. Yawn more

Yawning is a bodily reaction when you need more oxygen for circulation. That’s why you yawn a lot when you’re tired or sleepy. But this bodily reaction is also useful for maintaining stronger erections.

Yawning regulates your body to release nitric oxide, which travels through the spinal cord, the blood vessels, and into the penis.

6. Get enough sleep

Sleep not only helps your body recharge itself but also regulates your testosterone levels, which increases your sex drive and improves erection.

7. Keep your blood pressure in check

High blood pressure is one of the major diseases that leads to erectile dysfunction. In fact, this condition is one symptom of ED. it’s best to monitor your blood pressure, especially when you hit your forties.

Practicing a healthy diet, healthy lifestyle, and exercising are some of the ways to regulate your blood pressure.

Cut Back Bad Habits

8. Quit smoking

Studies showed that smokers have less favorable sex lives compared to nonsmokers. The nicotine in cigarettes is found to affect erection strength. Smoking is also found to cause impotence and cause damage to penile tissue, which makes the penis less elastic.

9. Drink alcohol in moderation

Too much alcohol is also not good for your erections.

Seek Help

10. Use cock rings

Cock rings are helpful tools for maintaining an erection. They help keep blood in the shaft and prevent venous leakage. These tools are also used to treat ED.

There are four types of cock rings to try: adjustable rings, stretchy rings, solid rings, and vibrating rings. You can try them all to know which one fits you best.

11. Try vasectomy

If you no longer want to have kids, vasectomy might be a better option. You’re less likely to have erection problems when you’re confident and calm.

Practice Safe Sex

12. Use condoms or contraception

safe sex using condomAside from protecting yourself from contracting HIV, condoms can help you enhance your bedroom performance and stay stronger. When you know you’re not likely to get your partner pregnant, you will have no inhibitions. No lingering thoughts can ever stop you from performing your best.

13. Avoid thrusting too hard

Vigorous thrusts can possibly rupture the corpora cavernosa, which are the erectile tissues that hold most of the penile blood during an erection. Take extra care when your partner is on top. Most penile injuries are caused by this dangerous sex position. Moreover, penile injury is one cause of male impotence.

14. Stay committed

Men who have affairs or in complicated relationships are prone to performance anxiety. They’re unable to give their all in bed with their wives due to lurking fears or worries inherent in the situation. Try to stay faithful in your relationships to maintain your performance.

15. Limit porn consumption

Recently, health experts have found a link between porn and erectile dysfunction. The effect is not physical but on the psychological level. Porn can change a porn addict’s view of sexual activity, which can be harmful for the person’s erection. Watching too much porn can lead to a lesser interest in real sex. Reducing your porn consumption can greatly enhance your erection and performance.

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