18 Things You Unintentionally Do But Make You A Million Times Hotter

by John Esposito
comforting hug from behind

The internet is brimming with topless men in all varying sizes. Some look hot. Others look so hot. Women couldn’t help but feast their eyes on these gorgeous men. These hot men took pride in their great bodies, which are products of endless workouts and sweats at the gym.

You may have wanted to be one of these steamy hot guys but your time, or maybe your efforts aren’t enough to become the Adonis you long wanted to be. Cheer on! There’s no need for you to spend time wondering when and how you can achieve that sexy pose to look hot. You can be a hot guy in an instant by doing the things that can melt women’s hearts. Luckily, you might have been doing many of them without knowing it.

Women are emotional beings. Even the most ordinary thing you do can touch their femininity, making you look masculine and so damned hot! Once women find you hot, it’s no longer difficult to please them in bed.

1. You make her laugh

A good sense of humor goes a long way. Most women prefer a guy who knows how to make them laugh than the gorgeous one who is boring to be around with. When you share funny stories, find some humor in simple things, or gifted enough to act in a funny way, you will get women’s applause and admiration. That’s because women love guys who share good vibes.

2. You listen to her woes

Women can rant endlessly and they almost always do it with their best friends because they know most men can’t stand it. When you’re able to listen to her woes without cutting her off but listen with eagerness and attentiveness, you stand among the crowd. That’s a huge turn on, especially when you’re able to remember what she said days or months after.

3. You squeeze her hand in public

couple holding handsShowing affection in public isn’t always necessary. Some people aren’t comfortable with it. Holding your partner’s hand and squeezing it will melt her heart and will cause admiration from other women around. It shows how fond you are of her. Guys who aren’t afraid to show affection are just hot and rare to find.

4. You wear pants that fit you well

Some men look sexy in expensive pants. But men who wear pants that fit really well are way hotter.

5. You send sexy text messages

One way of turning women on is sending her sexy text messages. It can even be a form of foreplay when you plan to have sex later. Sexy and dirty text messages can stimulate her mind and make you a hot partner.

6. You look at her in the eye

Whether or not you admit it, when you look at a woman, you can’t help but look at her body or some parts of it, wherever your imagination leads you. Maintaining eye contact without feeling uncomfortable is sexy. Through it, women can pick your sincerity and gauge how present you are with them.

7. You smell fresh

Guys who smell fresh are a big turn on for women. The smell of aftershave or the soap smell on your clothes is a big plus. This encourages a big warm hug from her.

8. You lean to kiss her on the forehead

They say a kiss on the forehead means respect. When you do that, there could be no other hotter man around but you.

9. You give random bear hugs from behind

Giving and receiving hugs have ample benefits, not only as a way of establishing a connection but also of making the other person feel cared for. It’s a way of saying I love you or I’m grateful you’re here. That’s why doing it can make you a valuable and hot person.

10. You reach something for her

You make yourself more desirable when you reach out for things beyond her reach, like her favorite coffee mug on top of the shelf. Standing tall for her just means she needs you more than ever.

11. Running your fingers through her hair

You look sexier when you run your fingers through your hair. But when you do it on her hair, you’re way too hot. No woman can ever resist the warmth of your hand and that extra affection you’re able to show.

12. You scratch her back

It’s when you feel you’re only helping her out to scratch her back, which she has difficulty doing, that you make yourself so hot.

enjoying take home food

13. You buy her favorite food

Being thoughtful of her needs makes you hotter in her eyes. It means you know well what she wants without even asking her.

14. You pick up things for her

Using your manly arms to put her favorite food on her plate means more than just being a gentleman. It shows you have arms that are willing to help her whenever the need arises. And that’s way too hot.

15. You roll up your shirt’s sleeves

Men normally roll up the sleeves of their dress shirts whenever they’re working on something, like doing yard work or fixing the car. Because you give women a glimpse of your strong muscles, there’s no reason why you won’t look hot in such a manner.

16. You give her a goodbye kiss

Even if you’re not living together, kissing her goodbye makes her look forward to meeting you again. And that’s because she finds you hot and sweet. A simple juicy smooch means more than just a kiss.

17. You know how to fix things

Any man who knows how to fix things is irresistibly hot. That’s because it shows you know a lot of things and solving problems is just one of them.

18. You lean when you talk

Leaning in while talking is a gesture that shows confidence. A man who is so confident of himself is a hot guy whom women love to date. This gesture also means you’re being present and attentive with the person you’re talking to.

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