The 3 Hardest Core Exercises-Are You Up to the Challenge?

by John Esposito
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The core is a term that is used to describe much more than just the muscles in your midsection. It is an entire collection of muscles which the body uses to maintain stability and control throughout all types of movement. Without developing the proper core strength at first, you will be negatively impacting the ability of other muscle groups to perform to their maximum ability.

muscular guy shows absWhile many of us think of just the abdominals when it comes to our core, it includes all of the muscle groups which run along and support our spine, pelvis and shoulder blades.

In this article we are going to cover the most difficult core exercises to perform, which are not only going to tax your core, but the entire body.

1. Ring Roll Outs

Not only is this exercise going to demonstrate how much strength you have within your core, it’s going to test the strength of your forearms, hip flexors, triceps, chest, quads, lats, etc. Is very important in this exercise that’s you maintain proper muscle tension throughout the exercise as to not put unnecessary strain on the spine itself.

To do this exercise the only piece of equipment you’re going to need are a pair of rings, and of course a tremendous amount of core strength and flexibility.

You also want to make sure that’s you maintain the proper grip throughout this exercise as well as you want to be aiming for using a neutral or false grip, the latter making the exercise easier.

To perform this exercise, you want to do so starting in a position where you have your feet planted on the ground, with knees slightly bent. All of the pivoting here should be done at the hips, and performing this exercise is very similar to a typical toe touch stretch. The exception here being that the finish of the tote arch if you have the strength you should extend out further to wear your body is parallel to the floor.

Many people find that this exercise is extremely difficult however it is one that can be easily modified to serve a person’s need. If you want to make the exercise easier the best way to do so is to shorten the lever, which can be done by adjusting the height of the rings.

2. Dragonfly

Not only will this exercise test how strong your core is, but it also involved your forearms, triceps, biceps, brachialis, chest, quads, and lats. While performing the exercise itself is extremely difficult and a very advanced one, the equipment necessary to do so is very minimal.

muscular guy doing crunches in gym

All that you need to perform this exercise is some type of flat bench which you can use to support your upper back and shoulders, which is the area of your body that will be in contact with the bench throughout the exercise. You also want to have something close to your head which you can grab on with your hands to use for extra support and stability.

From this position you’re going to want to raise your entire body, starting from a horizontal position while lying on the bench until you reach the point where your body is almost completely vertical. Make sure to maintain contact with the bench via your shoulder blades throughout the entire exercise.

From this point you’re going too slowly lower your body back down making sure that no part of your body is touching the bench on the return besides your upper back. The goal here is to keep your body completely straight by maintaining muscle tension throughout the body in various muscle groups without arching your back or bend your legs.

3. Windshield Wipers

Last but not least are windshield wipers, which get their name from how the legs move during this exercise. It primary works the rectus abdominis, but also the obliques as well as secondary muscle groups.

To perform this exercise you should lay on the ground making sure that your RE your and your lower back are staying in contact with the ground as well as having your arms spread and hands in contact with the ground for additional support.

You then simply hold your legs in the air to where they are perpendicular with the ground and rotate them back from side to side by pivoting at the pelvis. The goal here is to use as little arm support as possible while allowing your core muscles to the majority of the work.

Including these three exercises in your routine will certainly give you a challenge and may even be too difficult for you to do initially. If that is the case these are great exercises which you should set a goal to work up to, as they can greatly help to further the development of your core.

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