4 Ways You’re Cheating Without Having Sex

by John Esposito
So, you’re in a relationship but you lady is getting disgruntled about a few of your flirty behaviors. As far you are concerned, you haven’t done anything to be disloyal, but she does not seem to see it that way. Why is that? preview-full-wp-1471136116934Although you may not have cheated directly, women do find certain behaviors to be just as bad as cheating. You may not have had full on sex with a woman, but by flaunting the possibility, it gives the impression that you are open for business to other women apart from your girlfriend. So what do women consider just as bad as cheating?
  1. Buying another girl a drink
No matter how interesting another woman is, and even if you think that it is just a friendly beverage, buying a girl a drink is a euphemism for something else. Not only is it just a drink, it is an invitation for further conversation, underpinned by a tradition we all know means more than just the mojito. When you buy another woman a drink, your girlfriend sees it as an invitation. In her eyes, you may as well just invite her to the bedroom.
  1. Talking to your ex
You may think that you and your ex can still be friends but to a girlfriend, it feels as though there is something still lingering between you and your past lover. How can you truly say that you have forgotten the sight of your ex naked? Every time you talk to your ex, your girlfriend thinks of you picturing somebody else naked. It also makes her feel like she doesn’t live up to the ones who came before her, because if she did, why would you still need to talk with them?
  1. Letting someone else flirt with you
Of course, there are times when we are blind to someone giving us the come on. Not all men notice if a girl is flirting or sending signals, as women can be complex and aren’t as simple as offering the opposite sex a drink. However, in our hearts, we all know that there are times when we are very aware that a woman is coming on to us. It may be a good way to give your ego a stroke, but by not making it clear that you are taken, it makes your girlfriend feel like you are keeping your options open, just in case.
  1. Secretly watching porn
preview-full-man-phone-1-640x457Women know that men watch porn. Hell, women watch porn and many of them enjoy to watch it with their partners. However, being caught watching porn by your girlfriend is just an experience you don’t want to have. Mostly, they feel offended like they are not enough for you, and while that may not be the case, you don’t want to be caught, pants down, watching another woman doing the nasty. While none of these things are actually cheating, they still leave your lover feeling like she isn’t enough for you and that you are on the prowl for something else to spice up your life. While you may not consider this to be the case, perception is everything, so make sure to hold yourself to a high standard where your lady knows she comes first.

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