4 Weight Loss Emotions that Make the Battle Harder

by John Esposito
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Losing weight is a very hard task. It seems that while putting it on is both deliciously enjoyable and extremely easy, trying to lose it is much harder. As many diet books will tell you, cutting down on certain treat foods and attempting to reorganize your lifestyle to compensate for a new weight loss program, can take an emotional toll on you. Half of the battle of weight loss is in your psyche and the psychological strength it takes to resist temptation can often leave you feeling weary and beaten. This is what leads to failure. However, it is vital to recognize that you are not alone in these feelings. While many men feel that they are the only ‘losers’ who do not have the willpower, most people go through the same emotional turmoil when attempting to lose weight. Here are some of the feelings that you have during weight loss and how to combat them.
  1. Instant gratification
sad man looking at food on tableYou will find that the first stage of weight loss is like a honeymoon period. You seem to lose weight quickly and feel an extra burst of energy, where previously you had been bogged down by fatty foods and toxins. However, this stage is somewhat brief. Yes, you will lose weight quickly, but this comes from the detox period. After this, the real struggle begins where you have to battle against fat cells clinging to your body and temptation trying to ‘reward’ you for your hard work so far.
  1. Frustration
After that honeymoon period, the weight loss seems to slow down. This frustration starts to brew under the surface because you feel you have already taken the correct steps to change your diet, having given up on all your favorite treats and comfort foods. This is where it is important to understand that weight loss needs planning. The body will start to compensate for what you do to it. Firstly it loses weight, then it recognizes that you are cutting out fatty foods, and starts to cling to what it does have. However, you need to plan to beat bodily adaption by increasing exercise and switching foods in and out, making sure you include good fats.
  1. Future Fear
One of the things that people forget is that if you want to keep weight off, you need to change your diet forever. It is no use cutting out fries and hamburgers for 3 months and heading straight back to that lifestyle. You need to think about changing your relationship with food altogether. Fear comes when you feel like it is going to be hard work forever, with a lifetime free of your favorite foods. This does not have to be the case. Start taking cooking classes to switch out your favorite foods for homemade, healthier versions. Learn about nutrition to work out what can be substituted for what to provide a healthier diet while providing the same flavors. Also, start trying new foods to increase your excitement while bringing new forms of deliciousness into your life that don’t compromise your waistline.
  1. Superiority
overweight bearded man with tattoos holding scale and tape measureWhen you have finally cracked it, you find yourself enjoying your new diet and understanding how your body functions more effectively. This can sometimes lead to you feeling better than other people and actively becoming preachy. Remember how hard you found it at the beginning and the struggle with full lifestyle change. Try to be sensitive and offer constructive advice rather than telling them how you do it better. If you want to enhance your weight loss, try taking a weight supplement for men such as GarciniaX.

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