5 Common Sex Tips That Actually Work

by John Esposito
Just like you, we’re done with the so-called sex gurus and pick-up coaches that always dole out advice that not even a psychopath would try. Getting good sex advice is difficult not because of the lack of people trying to give you advice. You can go online and do a quick Google search, and a thousand pages would tell you a million different things to try to make sex better. There’s a good chance that many of these wouldn’t work because everyone is different.
It’s a cliché, but everyone’s situation is different, so in this article, we chose to revisit the fundamentals, and give you advice that would actually work. Learning the basics would instantly make you better at sex. Just like how kids today are chucking three-pointers without learning how to sink a free throw, you should understand the basics, and use the knowledge to fit your unique situation. Here are 5 sex tips that actually work:

Rub one out before a hot date

You’ve heard it before, and now we’re reaffirming the belief that men can last longer if they masturbate before going on a date. If you’re always worried about premature ejaculation, then rubbing one out maybe something that you could do to give you more control over your sexual pleasure. Masturbation takes away the urgency of ejaculating as soon as possible, and this gives you more control when having sex. BUT… Masturbating before sex could lead to erectile dysfunction. There’s this thing called the refractory period, which is like a rest period after ejaculating that makes you completely desensitized towards sex. As you get older, the refractory period lasts longer, and it’s directly proportional to your testosterone levels. If you have low testosterone, don’t try to rub one out before sex. Rather, take testosterone-boosting supplements like Male UltraCore to help you delay your ejaculations while boosting your sex drive and erection size, and hardness. Hygiene is important Here’s one thing that doesn’t get mentioned often. Maybe because it’s too dirty to talk about? Pun intended. Hygiene is the first thing you should think about when you’re preparing to have sex – not just down there, but everywhere. Anything that offends the sense of smell will drastically limit the pleasure that you will both experience during sex. It’s a distraction, it’s a repellant, and most of all – it’s disgusting. One thing that gets to me is when I watch movies and the two characters end up having sex after a long day at work. I mean, yeah, sure pheromones are hot, but considering the sweat buildup after a long day at work, that should put someone off at least. If you’re having spontaneous sex, just make sure that you shower at least or wash yourself down there. If you practice good hygiene, then this is the kind of stuff that no one will have to remind you of.   Foreplay is king As Ronda Rousey once said, “You should never need lube in your life. If you use lube, you’re being lazy.” We have to agree. Let’s just put it out there for women who rely on lube to make sex feel great – you don’t have to if your man knows what he’s doing. It takes a while for women to warm up, and when they are ready, the natural lube should flow like a leaking faucet. Most couples would rather go for sex after a few minutes of foreplay, but having au naturale sex is definitely worth it if you’re patient. Foreplay isn’t a boring chore that you have to endure before you get to the good thing. When you’re both into it, foreplay will make sex even better. For guys, there’s nothing like the feeling of a properly and naturally lubricated partner to make him want it even more. Exercise! You’ve probably read somewhere that sex is like doing 30 minutes of cardio, but what you may not have read is that to do 30 minutes of cardio, you need to be physically capable of doing 30 minutes of cardio. Many guys feel gassed out during sex, and that cuts off the pleasure they experience during sex, and that’s not good. Do cardio, do strength training. That’s not just for your body, but also for sex. Sex is a physical activity, and you’d want to have a body that’s capable of doing everything you want it to do during sex. Just imagine being in the middle of sex and just stopping abruptly because you’re out of breath. That’s not just disappointing – that’s humiliating. Go visit the gym and put some work in.

Take premium testosterone supplements

Most guys avoid taking testosterone boosters because they don’t think they need them just yet. You’ll never know what you’re missing out on until you try a real testosterone booster. The simple truth is, most guys can take advantage of natural testosterone boosters because the body naturally reduces testosterone production as you get older. You reach your peak testosterone levels in your mid-20s, and it declines at a rate of 2% every year. Testosterone is the hormone that drives your libido and erection quality, and with declining testosterone levels, you can expect your sexual performance to decline as well. Taking premium testosterone-boosting supplements like Male UltraCore can help you get the most out of your youth and performance. Just one serving of Male UltraCore a day can help improve your physical and sexual performance so you won’t have to think about being bad in bed.

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