5 Foods to Introduce for More Adventurous Sex

by John Esposito
Food fanatics may wonder if it’s possible to truly incorporate food into your sex life. Why not combine two of your favorite things in one go? The great thing about food is that it can work with your body to help boost its sexual appetite. While some foods might work as aphrodisiacs to give an extra kick to your sex drive, other foods help to release chemicals in the brain that sends feelings of pleasure through the body. Here are a few good sex foods and great ways to incorporate them into your bedroom fun.
  1. Chocolate

woman biting on a chocolateWomen love chocolate because it releases endorphins in the brain. Due to this, it works as a great aphrodisiac for women sending feelings of love and excitement all around the body. If you want to see your lady get sexy, try melting chocolate and pouring it on your body. Why not try to make a line straight from lip to tip, and have her try to lick it off without lifting her tongue.
  1. Honey

The sweetness of honey helps you to release dopamine to the brain, while also being really good for you. Try blindfolding your partner. Then dip a little honey on places on your body. Have her try to find them using only her tongue without lifting the blindfold. You can repeat it back to her and hear her squeal.
  1. Whipped Cream

Although this is a little cliche, it’s great to get involved with because it’s not that hard to clean up. Equally, it’s light to eat and it tastes delicious. Try squirting all your ladies erogenous zones with whipped cream and trying to lick it off without touching her skin. Between the tempting and the very light touches you will actually give her, the two of you will be raring to go by the time all the cream is gone.
  1. Ice

While ice isn’t technically a food (you could use popsicles), it is great for keeping the skin alive. When you run an ice cube over your girlfriend’s body, you’ll find that her nipples harden and she gets shivers all over her skin. When combined with sexual shivers, the sensation is incredible. Try running it over her neck, vagina, and breasts.
  1. Candy necklaces

preview-full-sexystrawberriesCandy necklaces make the best garters for women, while you can always add one to your appendage. Why not put one around each thigh of your lady and then eat them off. Alternatively, you could place one on your member, while she eats it off. Be careful with the sugar on your penis, though! Adding food to your sex life can bring a new dimension into play. Be careful when inserting anything into a female, as it may cause irritation, so if using food, try to always use a condom to prevent any bacteria entering the vagina. This will also help with lubrication.

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