5 Muscle-Building Foods that Increase Testosterone

by John Esposito
Testosterone is the hormone that keeps everything ticking over for guys. It affects your ability to build muscles your energy levels, your sex drive, bone and heart health, and the size of your member. Therefore, making sure you’ve got a decent level of testosterone in your body keeps you in all-around great shape. Most men know that high levels of testosterone work well in the gym, however taking it in drug form leads to a whole myriad of further problems, especially when you reach middle age. So how do you boost those testosterone levels without slamming lots of drugs into your system? The key is in the age-old adage ‘you are what you eat’. Certain food help to stimulate the production of testosterone, getting everything flowing through the body from head to toe. Try adding larger quantities of the following foods to your diet:
  1. Raw Honey
preview-full-raw-honeyRaw honey is really good for blood flow, as it opens up the blood vessels in the body, helping to create clearer pathways for the blood to move through. When it comes to the bedroom, better blood flow equals a larger erection, and when it comes to muscle-building, getting more blood and therefore higher levels of oxygen to the body helps the muscles to build and function effectively. Honey also contains high levels of boron, a mineral which has been linked to increasing testosterone. Add a spoonful in your tea or a little spread on your toast in the morning.
  1. Cabbage
While cabbage doesn’t build testosterone, in the same way, it does help to rid the body of estrogen. Too much estrogen in a man’s system leads to weight gain and cholesterol problems. It also increases the size of male breasts and engorges the prostate. A little is good for bone health as it helps to retain calcium, but too much can lead to osteoporosis. By eating cabbage, you can flush these hormones from the body, helping to restore a better balance and a higher ratio of testosterone.
  1. Venison
A vegetarian diet, which is usually lower in protein, can lead to a 14% drop in testosterone. However, eating a diet high in red meats such as beef increase the level of saturated fats that you consume, which leads to complications with cholesterol and an increase of visceral fat around the organs. Venison, however, is high in protein, builds testosterone, and contains far less saturated fat.
  1. Garlic
Cortisol is known as the stress hormone and it fights with testosterone for the same space in the cells. Due to this, those leading a stressful life are likely to experience drops in testosterone. Garlic helps to lower stress levels, dissipating the volume of cortisol in the body, making space for the cells to retain testosterone.
  1. Natural Supplements
preview-full-cabbage (1)While these aren’t necessarily food natural supplements such as Xtreme Testosterone contain vitamins and plant extracts which help with the production of testosterone such as Siberian ginseng. They also contain components such as L-Arginine AKG, which is the salt of an important amino acid, which helps to increase nitric oxide, which gets the blood pumping through the muscles by dilating the blood vessels. If you want to hit the iron and pump those muscles up, first look at the foods which you are pumping into your body. By shifting your diet to include meals that are rich in the above foods, you’ll find your muscles working more actively, responding better to the work you’re putting in; including your all-important love muscle!  

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