5 Sensational Benefits Of Turmeric For Men

by John Esposito
Turmeric powder

Turmeric, the golden spice from Southeast Asia and India, is rising in popularity globally due to its various health benefits. You may have already heard that turmeric has potent anti-inflammatory effects, so it’s good for people with rheumatoid arthritis. Or that turmeric can help protect you against heart diseases.

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In truth, turmeric contains a powerful antioxidant called curcumin, the compound that is responsible for most of turmeric’s positive effects on men’s health. Aside from fighting inflammation, curcumin also has impressive benefits on male reproductive health.

Erectile Dysfunction

Your ability to achieve an erection is influenced by how healthy your blood vessels are. In order for your penis to become hard, the corpus cavernosa inside your penis have to be filled with blood. If anything interferes with your blood flow, like if your blood vessels aren’t dilating properly, it can also interfere with your erection.

If you’re suffering from systemic inflammation, your blood vessels can become constricted. This, in turn, will interfere with your penile blood flow. If you have poor blood circulation, such as when you have hypertension or high levels of bad cholesterol, it could also result in reduced blood flow to your penis.

Turmeric can help protect you against erectile dysfunction by fighting inflammation in your body and improving your blood circulation. Because of curcumin’s anti-inflammatory properties, systemic inflammation in your body is reduced. This also means you’re protected from diseases like diabetes and cancer.

In addition, curcumin can help increase endothelial nitric oxide levels. Your endothelium forms the inner lining of your blood vessels. The nitric oxide produced by your endothelium is used for regulating your vascular tone as well as for increasing local blood flow.

Testosterone Levels

5 Sensational Benefits Of Turmeric For MenAlthough curcumin is not directly involved in your testicular production of testosterone, curcumin does help increase your testosterone levels. For one, when you’ve got an inflammation, your body will produce more cortisol.

Although cortisol is good for fighting inflammation, it will cause reduced blood testosterone levels. By helping your body fight inflammation, curcumin can cause a reduction in your cortisol levels, which will then lead to normalized blood testosterone levels.

In addition, curcumin can help improve your cholesterol profile by lowering your bad cholesterol levels while increasing your good cholesterol levels. Since your testicular Leydig cells use cholesterol to synthesize testosterone, having a good cholesterol profile can help improve your testicular production of testosterone.

Curcumin is also associated with reduced fat cell formation. This also indirectly benefits your testosterone levels. Your belly fat contains aromatase, an enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen. The more belly fat you’ve got, the more testosterone will be converted to estrogen, causing your testosterone levels to decrease.

If you’ve got low testosterone levels, your sexual health will also suffer. Since testosterone is important for regulating your sexual desire, having a low testosterone level means your libido will also be reduced.

Prostate Health

If you want to avoid prostate cancer, turmeric can help you do that. What’s amazing about turmeric is that it can actually cause prostate cancer cells to shrink and die. The protective effects of curcumin against prostate cancer have been established through numerous scientific studies.

Inflammation is considered a risk factor for prostate cancer. Since curcumin is a potent anti-inflammatory agent, by reducing inflammation in your body, curcumin helps reduce your risks of prostate cancer.

In addition, curcumin can also help stop the proliferation of prostate cancer cells. In fact, studies show that curcumin may cause prostate cancer cells to undergo apoptosis or programmed cell death. This indicates that curcumin is a viable treatment option for prostate cancer.

Your prostate health is important for your sexual function. That’s because your prostate gland is responsible for producing your seminal fluid. If you have prostate cancer, you might need to undergo a radical prostatectomy which is a surgical procedure for removing the cancer-ridden prostate.

If you have your prostate removed, you’ll no longer be capable of ejaculating semen when you orgasm. That’s because they no longer have a prostate gland to secrete seminal fluids. This, in turn, affects their fertility.

Heart Health

Turmeric has been shown to help prevent atherosclerosis. When the walls of your blood vessels harden due to plaque build-up, you’ll end up developing various heart diseases. Not to mention the fact that atherosclerosis can also lead to erectile dysfunction.

By enhancing your endothelial function, turmeric helps in the regulation of your blood pressure. Turmeric can also help prevent thrombosis or blood clotting in your veins. By promoting the dilation of your blood vessels, turmeric also helps improve your blood circulation.

All these benefits of turmeric on your cardiovascular health also have indirect benefits for your erectile function. It’s easier for you to achieve erections when you don’t have any problems with your heart or blood vessels.


5 Sensational Benefits Of Turmeric For MenTurmeric is ideal for people suffering from diabetes. In fact, studies have shown that turmeric can help prevent type 2 diabetes. That’s because turmeric can help reduce your blood sugar levels while improving your insulin sensitivity.

Turmeric improves beta cell function which means improved insulin production, storage, and release. When your blood glucose levels spike, your beta cells release insulin. By enhancing beta cell production of insulin, turmeric can help prevent hyperglycemia.

This benefits your sexual health, too. Diabetes is actually a known risk factor for both male infertility and erectile dysfunction. When your blood sugar levels are constantly high, your nerves and your blood vessels get damaged.

And you know that if your blood vessels aren’t healthy, your penile blood flow will suffer. This means that you won’t be able to achieve an erection when you need one. In addition, diabetes can also damage your testicles. This can lead to impaired spermatogenesis and poor sperm motility.

Protecting Your Sexual Health

Although turmeric offers a lot of benefits for men’s sexual and reproductive health, it’s not the only herbal solution for male sexual problems.

If you’re dealing with sexual issues like erectile dysfunction, your best bet is to take an extremely potent male sex enhancement supplement. This contains ingredients that are proven effective in improving erectile dysfunction such as Tongkat Ali, maca, and Tribulus terrestris.

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