5 Things to Do After a Binge

by John Esposito
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It is only natural that you feel terrible after a binge. Why wouldn’t you? It’s like you lost control and your cravings took over and just ruined everything you worked hard for. You feel like the efforts you have been exerted all those days or weeks have been for nothing. But don’t worry it’s not a hopeless situation. It will be if you continue feeling sorry for yourself. If you want to, you still can get back to where you want to be. You just need to realign your focus and accept that it happened. With your acceptance, you can be better equipped of preventing it so that it doesn’t happen again.

Here are 5 things you can do after a binge:

1. Don’t blame yourself

man eating junk food chips and sodaThe upshot of binge eating is always the worst. It’s like devastating your body and mind at the same time. For people who binge, it’s a very spur-of-the-moment thing. It’s like looking for drugs. There’s emotional conflict and it’ll ultimately make you exhausted. So, once the binge is done, all the emotional turbulence will begin piling. But the first thing you can do after a binge is to accept that it happened. You also have to be realistic about it. At some point, you know you’ll binge. Experts on eating disorders agree that recovery isn’t about not binging ever again. It’s about doing it less often and less severely. Simply put, don’t beat yourself up after it happens because it’s bound to in the first place.

2. Know what went wrong

man eating pizza alone As soon as you get over the guilt of your binge, find out what triggered it. Was it hunger? Was it loneliness? Or was it a not-so-positive interaction with someone? You have to figure out what set it off, so you can know how to avoid it next time. This is vital in order to get back on track immediately.

3. Resume with your routine

After a binge, it will make you feel right if you stick to your schedule. Don’t let your lapse in self-control destroy your entire routine. So, after your overindulgence, continue with your regular schedule, such as working out. Exercising can help you manage the stress brought by your binge-eating. It will also help enhance your mood.

4. Get out and socialize

Binging usually happens when you’re alone and the fridge is very much accessible. To stay away from such incidents, go out more often to be with your family or friends since a binge rarely occurs in front of them or in restaurants. If you have no reason to be out, then find a reason. Walk your dog. Go to a movie. Take a yoga class. Visit a friend. Just keep your hands and your mouth away from your kitchen.

5. Seek out help

You can also seek for family, friends, and professionals for help. There are many people and organizations that can serve as your support system. You just have to find one. You’re not alone in your struggle. Current statistics show that there’s 1%-5% of Americans who have a binge-eating disorder. You may feel isolated because it’s not something that people talk about. There’s also the fact that people who experience it feel ashamed. So, when you go out there, find help, and share your struggle, it takes a substantial amount of strength and courage for you to do so.

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