5 Ways L-Arginine is Greatly Beneficial

by John Esposito
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A kind of amino acid, we mostly get L-Arginine from our diets, particularly protein from animal sources, such as beef and other kinds of red meat, fish, poultry, eggs, and other dairy products. L-Arginine doesn’t only naturally occur in those food sources rich in proteins, it is also produced in laboratories to be made into supplements that improve heart health, mental capacities, workout functions and overall performance and many other benefits. ripped guy lifting weightsL-Arginine may not be an essential amino acid, but it is considered essential because of its great significance in multiple bodily functions. It is also present in low quantities, especially when one gets older. One of the most substantial gains you can get from L-Arginine is enhanced blood flow and circulation. This is the result as L-Arginine is transformed into nitric oxide in the body, which makes blood vessels to expand. Moreover, L-Arginine also rouses the production of certain hormones, particularly beneficial growth hormones and insulin, which is useful in guiding glucose into cells to be used for growth and energy output. That is why L-Arginine is widely considered to be valuable in terms of improving physical functions, endurance, and strength. Below are five ways consuming L-Arginine is good for you:

1. Improves the heart

Studies show that L-Arginine is capable of reducing inflammation and enhancing the health of the blood vessels and cardiovascular system. This is why cardiologists often recommend L-Arginine supplementation. For individuals who have greater risk of coronary heart disease, L-Arginine supplementation can be used to avoid heart attack or stroke and is also considered effectual for such prevention. L-Arginine enhances one’s heart health by avoiding high blood pressure, augmenting blood flow in individuals suffering from coronary artery diseases or clogged arteries, reducing high cholesterol, alleviating congestive heart failure, boosting endurance, and lessening symptoms of claudication, which is the obstructed blood flow from the heart to the limbs. Moreover, L-Arginine is also typically used for addressing chest pains because of the effects of nitric oxide avoiding blood clots that block the supply of blood. Lastly, L-Arginine is able to naturally and safely heighten one’s workout functions and overall performance in those individuals with low stamina, circulation problems, and even those who suffered from a heart disease before.

2. Reduces inflammation and combats aging signs

ripped guy intense workout lifting weights in gymL-Arginine heightens the immunity and helps combats diseases that cause inflammation. Studies also show that this amino acid has essential free radical-scavenging capacities mainly because of its effects on the enzyme called superoxide dismutase (SOD). This can be credited to its other antioxidant mechanisms as well. To slow down aging and avoid chronic ailments, L-Arginine is typically used alongside other antioxidants like Vitamin C and omega-3 fish oil supplements. In the brain, nitric oxide functions as a neurotransmitter and a protector against external hazards. That is why L-Arginine brings positive effects not only on one’s immune system, but also on the central nervous system.

3. Increases workout performance

L-Arginine’s great capacity for augmenting blood flow has since made it a staple in the fitness and muscle building markets. Greater blood flow constitutes to the effective delivery of nutrients and oxygen to muscle and joint tissues. Hence, with the backing of L-Arginine, you get to improve your workout functions and experience numerous benefits with the pain being significantly lessened. Other significant use of L-Arginine is for boosting the production of human growth hormone, prolactin, and multiple amino acids, such as creatine, L-proline, and L-glutamate. In addition, the functions of L-Arginine in metabolic health are also crucial for producing strong muscle tissue, fighting inflammation that result to bone and joint pain, treating injuries, and for overall nervous system functions. Finally, it was found in some researches that the levels of growth hormone can substantially increase with L-Arginine supplementation in doses of 5-9 grams per day. The results become more prominent when you combine L-Arginine supplementation with regular exercise.

4. Boosts immune system and accelerates healing

As previously mentioned, L-Arginine is used alongside omega-3 fish oils and other supplementations for decreasing risk of infections. Other uses are for treating wounds faster and for shortening recuperation period after cancer, disease, or surgery. This is one of the reasons why it is sometimes included in topical ointments to cure wounds since it helps blood to flow more freely and fights achiness and inflammation.

5. Helps with erectile dysfunction and sterility

It has been shown in some studies that L-Arginine plays a role in proper cell replication. Hence, it can help with the improvement of sperm production and motility. Men who suffer from heart issues connected to low levels of nitric oxide in the blood have greater possibility of having erectile dysfunction and fertility concerns. This is because erection happens when the nitric oxide prompts the relaxation of the smooth muscles. Though this may not work for every man, a massive percentage of male infertility cases can be cured with L-Arginine supplementation mixed with other dilators, antioxidants, or anti-inflammatories. Furthermore, using L-Arginine along with L-glutamate, and yohimbe are typically used to cure erectile dysfunction and such combination appears to work more efficiently than L-Arginine alone. When it comes to reproductive issues, L-Arginine does not only serve men, but also women. Sometimes, physicians prescribe topical creams that contain this amino acid to help treat sexual problems and address sterility the natural way among females. This is because in both men and women L-Arginine enhances circulation to genital tissue.

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