5 Ways Yoga Can Do You Harm Than Good

by John Esposito
couple doing yoga together in studio
Physical exercise is beneficial for the body and overall health, but it doesn’t mean it’s beneficial however you do it. Improper executions of moves can lead to injuries. One good example is yoga, which, as healthy as it sounds, can still be harmful when done incorrectly. When it comes to any form of physical workout, not everyone fits the mold. Stretching your body in the wrong way or performing improper asanas, and breathing erroneously while exercising can be dangerous to your health. Moreover, doctors say that faulty postures may cause acute pain and chronic issues. Although yoga has multitudes of benefits, such as increasing flexibility and strength, alleviating stress and anxiety, as well as helping with metabolism, heart rate, and respiration, it can also lead to detrimental effects when done the wrong way. Here are 5 ways yoga can be harmful instead of being beneficial:

Excessive yoga is not good

man doing yoga bent overEven something as healthy as yoga can be detrimental if done excessively. Injuries caused by yoga commonly occur due to poor yoga forms or overexerting specific asanas. The most efficient way to perform yoga is to learn how to conduct poses the right way, pay attention to your body and avoid overindulging in it. Otherwise, you end up with a back injury. It is also worth mentioning that if you’re incapable of performing a certain asana, don’t force your body to do so. Weak core isn’t a good start The core muscles have to be engaged before performing any yoga poses. Sustaining core throughout the course of the pose is also crucial. The core muscles are the deepest muscles in your abdominal area, which avoid your spin from making any movements that could compromise the solidity of the spine. Hence, a core that lacks strength isn’t ideal for doing yoga since it can result to back injuries.

Every individual and each asana is distinctive

A person’s body is different from another. Your body may be right for a certain asana, but it doesn’t mean it’s suitable for others. Hence, there should be a detailed examination of every individual and the body with its respective mechanisms he or she has. Resistance of every person should also be considered and the biochemical effects of each asana should be noted.

Practice is key in all forms of exercises

There are certain yoga poses that are more complex than they look. Some of these are forward bending, backward bending, and twisting of back.  For obvious reasons, these poses shouldn’t be performed unless your body is completely geared up to do them.

Issues of the back

rolling up yoga matIf you’ve had back problems before, any medical history concerning your backside, you should perform yoga with care.  Before proceeding to any asanas, you have to ensure that your lower back is stable enough to handle certain poses. When performing yoga, warming up and cooling down are equally vital. Each time you perform a pose, expect the unexpected as you will be tested to carry out certain asanas that you haven’t encountered before. Hence, the likelihood of impairments during yoga remains. For your safety, it is crucial to follow the instructions. Don’t hesitate to speak with your trainer to discuss your concerns. Remember, yoga is an incredible exercise when performed properly. Since every person is unique, our bodies’ responses to certain exercises vary, which is why the strength of your back muscles and suppleness have to be assessed before proceeding.

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