7 Common Sex Questions Men are Embarrassed to Ask

by John Esposito

Men have this great desire to please their partner. It could either be out of love and affection or out of their desire to boost their ego on how excellent they are in bed. Getting the most pleasure out of every experience may also be a man’s goal of having great sex.

The problem is, unlike women who are more open to their peers about their sex issues, men find it a bit hard to talk about sex to their friends. They’d rather observe and listen to get answers than ask anyone regarding their questions about sex.

Surprisingly, when the iPhone app Juicebox was launched, a large number of straight men start asking their questions to sex coaches. Brianna Rader, the app founder, shared the sex questions men asked:

1. Dating questions

Whether online or in the real world, men need to get more enlightened about dating pros and cons. The online world is a big market, this means men who want to find a partner through online apps need to have a profile that stands from the rest. They’re seeking advice for better ways to take selfies and right ways to flirt and communicate with potential partners. First dates are also important to men. They want to give their dates a good first impression to get a second date.

2. Bedroom performance

couple having sexMost men probably care about their sexual performance. While some get better with experience, some men may find it difficult especially when they’re going through a lot of personal issues. Anxious feelings oftentimes have its roots from painful past experiences that include childhood trauma, sexual abuse, bullying, or what parents or an ex had said. All these things can interfere with one’s performance.

Men need to dig into the source of their anxiety and find ways to solve them. Once they do, anxious feelings will start to disappear, and they will have a better and more enjoyable sex life.

3. Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a big hindrance to a truly satisfying sexual experience. It’s hard for men to accept that their partner got disappointed after a sex session instead of getting them happy. There are a lot of reasons why men have premature ejaculation. Thus, treatment may vary from one person to another. But men should know that they’re never alone in this issue. Around 35 percent of men around the world go through the same issue, and when it doesn’t happen frequently, it’s never a cause for concern.

Any man can experience premature ejaculation at some point. You don’t need to stress yourself when this happens occasionally because your anxiety may only affect your sexual intimacy. But when it happens most of the time, it may be time to consult a health professional. Premature ejaculation can be treated with medication, counseling, and sexual techniques.

4. Erectile dysfunction

An inability to achieve or maintain an erection for sexual satisfaction is one of the most common problems for aged men. However, men in their 40’s are now starting to share having this sex issue. Younger men who have ED issues are mostly the ones hooked up in pornography. Treatments include retraining oneself through exercises and masturbation techniques. As to older men, lifestyle changes and diet may be key factors in delaying the onset of ED.

5. Penis size

Men with small penises tend to have poor body image. It took an app before they’re able to ask if penis size does matter. The truth is, most women don’t care about the size down there. There are lots of things a man can do to please a woman during sex.

penis size questionsA small dick isn’t a turn off when a man knows how to use it and able to express and communicate what he wants. If penis size is an issue, there might be underlying shame behind that. Men should face their insecurities and understand that they’ll feel much better when they know only a very few number of women care about the size. If deep penetration is what men are looking for, certain vibrators may help. However, the right sex positions and exercise may also do the trick.

6. Sex techniques

Giving their partner the most satisfying sexual pleasure is what prompts men to want to acquire the best sex techniques. These men may be wondering if women prefer orals than penetration.

Basically, it depends upon the performance. Not all men are able to give satisfying orals. There are those who can give it so badly that women had to resort to DIY clitoral stimulation. There are also some men who are so good at it that penetration is no longer necessary.

Another thing that men might be curious about is 69. Almost 33 percent of women don’t prefer this position. When on top, women find it hard to concentrate on their part because they find it more pleasurable. When men are on top, women aren’t in control of his depth and are afraid to run the risk of choking.

However, men don’t need to know the best techniques out there. Knowing how to ask their partner what turns them on could be the best technique any man can use during sex encounters. This can also create a connection and sexual intimacy between couples.

7. Personality

Another question that bothers men is personality. They wonder whether women prefer wealthy men who are not good looking or handsome men who are a bit dumb. Personality matters more to women. Most of them prefer men who have strong personalities and whom they feel a strong attraction to. A man who knows how to use his body in all aspect is much preferable. Being handsome or wealthy is not enough to make a man look hot. Ultimately, a hot guy who’s fun to be around with is more preferable over a rich guy who’s dumb.

The questions above are but only a few that men have about sex and women. Men should ask more questions without feeling embarrassed. They may not get the best answers, but they get educated in the process. And once you put your questions out there, you will come to know that you’re not alone in this journey. Other men are also going through the same thing, which means nothing is wrong with you. So, there’s nothing to fear or get embarrassed about.

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