9 Weight Loss Mistakes You Should Know

by John Esposito
fit woman measuring waist after weight loss
Losing weight seems pretty simple. You burn more calories than you consume, you eat less, and you move more. This isn’t the case when reality becomes involved though. A lot of people do exactly these things, but consistently fail to produce remarkable weight loss results. Why? Apparently, dieters ultimately commit infractions along the way that hinders them from shedding fat. Most of the time, they don’t even realize that there’s something wrong with how they’re losing weight. Here are 9 weight loss mistakes you should know:

1. Too much protein consumption

Protein is vital when you’re losing weight, but it doesn’t mean you get to have excessive amounts. When you do, it backfires because the excess gets stored as fat, which is not ideal because, apparently, you’re trying to shed fat, not get more of it. Plus, protein shakes and bars aren’t as healthy as they seem because of the high amounts of sugar and fat in them. Just a reminder, men need 56 grams of protein daily while women require 46 grams. Going over these numbers, obviously, are excessive amounts that won’t do you any good.

2. Holding back on veggies

The recommended daily vegetable consumption is 2.5 cups every day. It shouldn’t be that hard if you really get your mind into it. From your morning to evening meals, integrate some veggies into your meals to reach the prescribed daily amount.

3. Having a glass of juice for breakfast

This isn’t healthy at all, especially because most juice increases glucose levels, which leads to your body generating more insulin. As a result, you’ll get hungry right away and you’ll also tend to overeat. An ideal breakfast packed with nutrients is an egg with a whole-grain toast. You’ll fill yourself with proteins and fiber, which can energize you throughout the day and make you feel full much longer.

4. Overrating weight loss percentage

lean woman measuring waist Weight loss isn’t just about reducing your number; it’s also about training yourself to adapt to healthier lifestyle choices. So, don’t let the number on the weighing scale dishearten you. As long as you continue sticking to a healthy and a well-rounded diet, in addition to a regular fitness regimen, you should be proud of the changes you’ve made in your way of life.

5. Getting sleep deprived

Your food cravings and hunger hormones are significantly swayed by how much sleep you get. Sleep deprivation often leads to more frequent bouts of hunger, binge-eating, cravings for sweets and high-calorie treats, and basically anything that threatens to destroy your diet. Losing weight isn’t just about cutting back on calories and moving more, it’s also about getting enough sleep every day.

6. Binge-eating just because you worked out

weight loss diet plan on notepad with apple Accomplishing an exercise session doesn’t mean you can just indulge in whatever you want and then have them in excessive portions. Sure, you need a reward system to motivate yourself further, but binge-eating should never be part of any reward system especially when it comes to losing weight. Remember, moderation is key and will always be so.

7. Underestimating your free time

Sometimes, days can be so busy that you feel it’s impossible to find time to exercise. Underestimating the time you have for yourself can discourage you to perform any physical activity when even a 10-minute cardio can do a substantial difference.

8. Doing the same routine

You cannot anticipate for notable physical benefits if you’re not making any efforts to do your workouts in variations. For more remarkable results, stick with the FIT principle – which means you have to vary the frequency, intensity or time.

9. Disregarding weights

Some people, especially the beginners, think it is fine to just stick with cardio exercises. But when it comes to losing weight, strength training is crucial to make sure that your metabolism is up and running. Of course, it can be daunting for those who just started. But as soon as you’re comfortable with your routine and you’re already confident in your body, you should consider doing weight training as well.

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