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High intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts are high-level cardiovascular workouts that build your muscles, burn off fat, and improve your body systems metabolism. HIIT workouts work your heart rate up quickly; push you beyond your comfort zone and even with an extra bonus of still burning calories a few hours after doing the workout. HIIT workouts are generally very challenging workouts designed to be performed under a short amount of time (usually in a space of 30 minutes) involving a series of routines with little recovery periods all while achieving maximum effectiveness of your workouts. Some of the routines involved in HIIT workouts include; About HIIT WORKOUTS
  • Jogging
  • Jump squats
  • Jump lunges
  • Mountain climbers
  • Weight lifting
  • Butt kicks, etc.


It is usually a full-body workout.


HIIT workouts boost your overall health and are good for managing some health conditions such as high blood pressure, certain heart diseases, diabetes, and high cholesterol.  Other benefits of HIIT workouts include;
  • Boosting metabolism;
Metabolism is a process that involves the conversion of food to energy. HIIT workouts from the name are high-intensity workouts and one of the benefits that people enjoy from this type of workout is the enhancement of your body’s metabolism. Without exercise the metabolic process is not necessarily slow, that is if you live a healthy lifestyle, but is not fast either and can eventually lead to storage of excessive fat, obesity. HIIT workouts convert this fat to energy for performing them.
  • Burns calories fast;
HIIT workouts are very efficient for burning a lot more calories within a short period of time. As soon as you start sweating, calories are being burnt.
  • Regulating blood pressure;
These high-intensity workouts help to decrease blood pressure. One of the main causes of high blood pressure is obesity. Other causes include idleness, lack of exercise, etc.
  • Building muscles;
In the regular practice of high-intensity workouts, your muscles get toned and built where necessary. Although, the rate at which you gain muscle after doing the HIIT workouts regularly reduces and is not as much as beginners.
  • Preference;
For some reason, people tend to prefer practicing HIIT workouts to other low or medium intensity workouts because of how efficiently it achieves the goal and under a short period of time too.
  • A non-equipment workout;
HIIT workouts can be done anywhere basically, at home, or at small workout studios with just enough space to work out comfortably, because of the fact that HIIT workouts involve mainly Cardio exercises and anaerobic exercise which means gym machinery are not involved.
  • Time management;
The efficiency of HIIT workouts can be achieved within a short period of time. This makes it a more preferable choice for exercise because you can comfortably include it in your rush schedule and feel accomplished.
  • Improves oxygen utility;
HIIT workouts improve your oxygen consumption and the ability of your muscles to fully utilize the oxygen. This is usually obtained from cardio exercises but within a longer period of time but with HIIT workouts your oxygen consumption is equally improved and within a shorter period.
  • Lowers blood sugar;
HIIT workouts are beneficial in lowering the sugar content in the blood and boosting the production of insulin hormone in the body. HIIT workouts are beneficial for type 2 diabetic patients.   guy who started with Progentra supplement exercising by the stairs to get fit


  • Keep it short, basically 30-45 minutes maximum, 3-4 times a week.
  • Warm-up; before beginning your HIIT workout you need to warm up for at least a 15-minute low-intensity exercise.
  • Eat before beginning your workout so you do not get tired quickly. HIIT workouts require a lot of energy to be performed efficiently and food can be a good source of this energy. Nothing heavy should be simple and solid.
  • Practice the workout routines in short intervals.
  • Do not push your body’s limit too far.
  • Wear proper attire, especially proper shoes to avoid ankle injuries.
HIIT workouts cannot be done by everyone. Some of the factors that have to be considered before doing any HIIT workouts are age, weight, and health conditions. HIIT workouts require great physical stamina and already sufficient endurance levels or else endangering your muscles and joints. HIIT workouts should be started slowly and gradually, that is a few routines for short periods because of the effect it has on your heart rate, joints, and muscles. So it is important to check with your doctor first before doing this exercise.        

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