Achieve Optimum Health with These Foods

by John Esposito
How does your health sound right now? If you are trying to achieve optimum health, you either have some health issues you want to get rid of or you just want to live a healthier lifestyle. Either way, you are going to benefit from eating certain foods. You may already be doing things to improve your health but you can always do more. Think about what you eat from day to day currently. If things aren’t going that great in your diet, you can change that and achieve optimum health before you know it.

preview-full-20-reasons-to-eat-bananas-every-day-ft-770x402Eat More Bananas

Yes, bananas. It may sound simple and it is but they also do wonders for your health. There are numerous health benefits of eating bananas. You can drink them in smoothies and shakes as well. If you experience muscle spasms, eating bananas daily can help to prevent and eliminate those. If you experience heart issues, bananas can help to improve your heart health as well. Think about these things when you go shopping and don’t forget to get some bananas.

thinkstockphotos-500923427-680x380 broccoliEating More Oysters

You may not eat any oysters yet and if you don’t, you should start. Many men don’t eat any and they are missing out on the various health benefits from them. Oysters help in improving health in many ways. They are full of zinc which is one thing you need in your daily diet to improve overall health and prevent many health issues too. Not only that but if you are worried about your prostate health, oysters can reduce your risk of prostate issues too.

Eating More Broccoli

If you don’t eat enough broccoli, this is something else you need to start snacking on or adding into your meals. There are many types of vegetables that are great for your health and broccoli tops that list. Broccoli has been shown to lower risk of getting heart issues and some cancers. This vegetable is also filled with vitamins and potassium which serve you many health benefits.

Eating More Fish

Some fish are amazing for you, especially fatty types. They have Omega-3s which are essential for achieving optimum health. When reading up on many diets and healthier eating plans, you will see fish and they deserve to be on the list. They help in improving heart health, blood circulation, immune system reactions, reduction in inflammation and lowering risk of cancers too.

Eating More Berries

Last but not least, you should make sure you are eating more berries. They are great for your overall health and for improving various systems in your body as well. They are anti-oxidants which serve you with better health including brain functioning, improving memory and much more. You can see here that there are many foods that will help you to achieve optimum health. If you don’t already eat these foods, make sure you go shopping and start eating at least some of them today. It is quite easy for you to incorporate these into your diet plan. You can add them to salads, put them on a tortilla or just eat them plain. Make sure you are focusing on what you can eat right and not just what you should avoid. These are all definitely foods that are right for you and your health.

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