Adaptogenic Supplements-Can These Products Help to Reduce Stress?

by John Esposito
dry root of Rhodiola rosea

Adaptogenic is just a term used to describe a variety of Arab switcher used to improve one’s health. There is plenty of scientific evidence to support the health benefits of consuming these types of herbs and supplements which contain them, as studies performed routinely demonstrate such. This has to do with how they impact our hormones, especially the stress hormone otherwise known as cortisol.

The body produces cortisol whenever it is stressed, which can come from virtually anything. Some stressors are going to impact the cortisol production much more than others, however it is chronic everyday exposure to elevated levels of this hormone which is the most detrimental to our health.

Overtime this leads to adrenal fatigues and inevitably speeds up the effects of aging on our bodies, making that’s not only look older but feel older as well. With that being said, if we supplement our diets with regular consumption of these adaptogenic herbs, we can greatly slow down the process.

Top Adaptogenic Herbs

1. Holy Basil

Holy Basil tops our list because it is the most effective adaptogenic herb in fighting the effects of aging. This herb has been used in traditional Indian medicine for thousands of years, to treat conditions such as a common cold,, cough, fever, and various skin diseases.

holy basil plant

Among other compounds which are beneficial to our health, Holy Basil has two types of ocimumosides, which are anti-stress compounds that have shown an ability to reduce levels of cortisol within the bloodstream.

Holy Basil supplementation is both an effective and safe math aid for somebody to reduce their overall levels of stress.

2. Hemp Oil – Cannabis

Hemp oil is one of the most potent substances for relieving pain, inflammation, joint pain, stress, and anxiety, and it’s no wonder that people are running to buy it. It’s made from cannabis sativa, which is the plant that has caused so much fuss over the years despite showing amazing improvements in one’s health. It’s even been shown to help improve mood and sleep patterns. What’s not to love?

3. Rhodiola

This golden root is another extremely effective adaptogen which is also of extreme interest as far as research is concerned. A study conducted in Sweden found that this herb was especially effective against stress-related fatigue. After use of this herb, users experienced increased mental performance, and could more easily concentrate.

This herb is also of interest because of its reported ability to treat acute stress as well, as well as its low tendency to cause any types of side effects in individuals which use this herb.

4. Licorice Root

This extract is one that can be found in any health conscious persons pantry, as it has broad applications in approving one’s health. This route helps to improve energy and endurance while boosting the immune system as well.

Licorice rootsThis herb is especially effective in protecting the thymus from damage due to overexposure to the hormone cortisol. Too much exposure to cortisol can disrupt the production of other hormones as well, which can have other adverse health effects besides the increased levels of stress.

While licorice root on its own isn’t necessarily bad for our health, it is worth noting that it does have an effect on our blood pressure and potassium levels. This means that people with pre-existing cardiovascular problems should consult their doctors before taking this type of supplement.

5. Asian Ginger

Panax Ginger, or Asian Ginger is a root herb that many of us are familiar with, as it is something that is commonly used in many different cuisines. Not only does this root add flavor to these dishes, but it provides us with a wide variety of nutrients which help to manage our hormones.

In this case, the ginger root specifically affects the adrenal gland, which in turn affects our blood glucose levels, triglycerides, and the production of other stress related hormones.

This means that Asian ginger differs from the other adaptogenic herbs on this list in that they don’t specifically lower levels of cortisol within the body, but reduce levels of other stress hormones which can positively benefit our health as well.

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