Is Anoradrol the Real Deal?

by John Esposito
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General Idea

Anoradrol is a testosterone-boosting supplement that claims to increase testosterone levels, thus, getting rid of symptoms associated with lower levels of this hormone. Anoradrol is a natural solution to declining testosterone levels, which its manufacturer says is a testament to its safety. There are a lot of reasons why men choose to boost theirs. As for Anoradrol, it primarily concentrates on the effects increased testosterone has to the muscles. Of course, since it’s also a sex hormone, more of it means greater sexual functions and overall performance. Based on the information on the product site, Anoradrol can help users increase their lean muscle mass, energy levels, and sexual capacities. Since these are the assertions of every testosterone booster in the market, how can we be sure that Anoradrol is special and that it can really live up to its promise?

Product Mechanism

For one, Anoradrol functions by boosting your testosterone in the body. With greater levels of this hormone, the more you’re likely to achieve its physical and sexual gains. After it increases the testosterone levels, it then heightens HGH levels in order to enhance the user’s course of recuperation after training. This enables the user to recover more quickly.

Ingredient Profile

woman in bed pressing bell with sexThe thing is that its official page doesn’t have a list of the components used in the product’s formulation. What we found was an image of the label posted on an affiliate site, but we’re not certain of this list’s accuracy. The first component is an exclusive blend, which involves L-Arginine. This ingredient is a precursor to nitric oxide, which helps dilate blood vessels to improve blood circulation to the muscles and other parts of the body. With improved blood flow, it also means more oxygen and nourishing components delivered to the muscles, as well as harder erections. There’s also the presence of L-Citrulline, which helps the body’s fusion of nitric oxide. Dipotassium Phosphate, on the other hand, aids in getting rid of toxins from the liver.


feet shown of couple having sex Anoradrol is accessible to customers via an 18-day free trial. First, you will only pay for the shipping cost to get one month worth of supply. However, if you don’t cancel your free trial within 18 days you will be charged for the full amount, which is $79.99. After this, you will be registered to their recurring shipment plan. This means you will get a new supply monthly and your credit card will be billed for the said purchase every time.

Product Features

It has L-Arginine, which has been proven to help increase blood flow. On the other hand, we’re not certain of the ingredient list since its website doesn’t have it. We were also not able to find out anything about Anoradrol’s manufacturer.


It is hard to trust a testosterone booster without the presence of its component profile on its official page. Customers need to know this in order to make an informed decision before making a purchase. We also searched for feedbacks about this product, but we didn’t find a lot. The company behind it is also unknown. With so much information missing, it would only be logical for customers to look for something else.

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