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Living above two decades is quite a big deal. Despite this, it’s every man’s dream to outlive this milestone – maybe three decades more, after all, nobody wants to die. That’s on a light note though. Now, as you grow older, there’s a need to be aware of the changes in your body system. Hence, the need to hit the gym from an entirely different perspective, unlike other younger counterparts.   Needless to say, at above 40, the risk of contracting an acute illness is high especially as the body’s defense mechanism nosedives in its functionality. Consequently, engaging in rigorous exercise can exacerbate the shrinking process of the body and thus complicate health issues. To avoid this, balancing weight training becomes of utmost importance.  

Must be safe

  Whatever exercise routine you would be engaging in at this point must be safe. Nothing but safe. The risk of injury such as straining one’s spinal cord, muscles, and overworking the joints must be reduced to the barest minimum. Instead of engaging in activities that open up the possibility of having an injury, all workout must be tailored towards facilitating the overall wellbeing of your body system. If the process is reckless and nerve-racking, better not to engage in it. Mild resistance training with dumbbells and barbells are recommended exercises. They are safe and less prone to making the body feel uneasy.  

Never ignore warm-ups

  senior man runningDon’t pounce on heavy lifts and weights without a proper warm-up. Your body needs to be aware and thoroughly prepared for the herculean task. Hence, the need to properly warm-up. Begin with general warm-up top increase body temperature, normalize heartbeat and also optimize blood flow in the body. This is good as it stabilized the body and ensures it’s adequately aware of what’s about to hit it. You can also try specific warm-up too, that is, exercises that prepare you for the actual workout you intend to do. Again, this routine helps mobilize your body for the whole operation.  

Easy on the weight bars

  Though you are advancing in age nothing says you cannot continue to build your strength by lifting weight bars. It even becomes easier and better if this is what you’ve been used to in your formative years. Nevertheless, times have changed and the strength you use to have as a young man is gradually dwindling. As such, it’s only logical at this point to go easy on the weight bars. Don’t just attempt to pull a heavy you haven’t attempted to lift before. Start from the least heavy.  

More aerobic exercises

  Engage more in aerobic exercises such as jumping ropes, swimming, or jogging as this helps to improve your cardiovascular health. Doing 30-45 minutes of this training three to four times a week works on stabilizing your heartbeat and ensure your heart pumps blood as it should. Cardio exercises as it is also called very effective. it works every part of your body from your heart to your shoulders, your legs, and back. Other forms of cardio or aerobic exercises include cycling, walking, running, and biking.  

Don’t hit too hard

  Careful on combining the weighty deals. Start with lighter ones and gradually increase the lifts as you see fit. Use your discretion, you only know what best works for you. After all, it’s not that you’ll be representing the country in the Olympic championship or the local competitions. So, there’s no point going hard on yourself. So, approach exercise in a slow and steady manner. There’s a limit to how much you can stress or stretch your muscles without impending consequences. So, you must approach exercise with caution while also putting your fitness into consideration at the same time.   Again, milder procedures but a positive result, There’s no point stretching your muscles to the limit. For a balanced weight selection, milder though, you could do dumbbell incline bench press during workouts. Try the trap bar deadlifts too. They are good for warming up after which you could go-ahead to lift weights you can deal with. Go a couple of rounds, then relax. Go again until tiredness sets in, then exit the gym. Anything other than this will strain your body.  

Just know when to stop

  senior man dumbbell curlsYour body tells you when you begin to overburden it. All you have to do is listen and stop. When you begin to feel tired and the aches begin to tell on your elbows, joints, back, or elsewhere, know it’s high time you stopped. Don’t keep adding weight bars when you have to relax.  

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