Best Exercises for Arms

by John Esposito
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You can spend hours in the gym and not get the results that you want. If you want to build strength and mass, your arms are a good place to start. When it comes to your arms, they are one of the things that you show off first once you start building muscle. Here are some of the best exercises for arm gains.

Barbell curl

This is a classic arm builder exercise. The barbell helps you to work both arms equally. Make sure that you are not loading up with too much weight as this will only cause unnecessary injury.

Resistance band hammer curl

This exercise doesn’t require weights, but it does require a resistance band. This lets you reach your full range of motion while still getting resistance. By doing a hammer curl, you will be able to beef up some of your smaller muscles to make your arms look bigger.

Dumbbell curl

This is another classic arm building exercise. You will need to keep your dumbbells at a reasonable weight so that you are not stressing your back trying to lift a weight that is too heavy.

Offset grip curl

This is basically the same as the dumbbell curl. With this one, your palm is not at the center of the dumbbell. You will be holding the dumbbell towards an end instead of in the center.

Hammer curl

man who doing bicep curlsYour standard grip is flipped on the side with this curl. This also moves the focus of the curl to the smaller muscles in your arms. These muscles help to make your arms look thicker.

Static curl

This one involves isometric training. It helps to work your muscles in a different way that a regular curl would. This can help to spur growth if you have reached a stopping point in your muscle gains.

Decline curl

With these you will be laying on your belly on a bench. What this exercise does it work out your biceps using gravity.

Incline curl

With this exercise you are on your back instead. This helps to put more pressure on your biceps muscles since you will have less leverage than others.

Kneeling curl

When you do this exercise, you will only do one arm at a time. This helps you to notice weak spots in your arms when you are lifting. Since you do not have your legs to help you, you may discover that your curls are not as great as you thought.

Zottaman curl

This targets three of your major muscles in your arms. Since you are rotating from overhand to underhand, it works all of these muscles.

Cable rope hammer curl

As with the hammer curl, you will be able to do this exercise easily. Instead of using dumbbells, you will be able to use a cable rope instead. This exercise also helps to add thickness to your arms.

Alternating flex curl

You will use a cable with this exercise. This exercise requires you keeping your arms parallel with the floor. This will help to build all sorts of muscles in your arms.

Chin ups

This exercise trains your biceps hard. This also helps to work your shoulders and back, not just your arms. This is great to work your upper body.

Negative chin up

This exercise requires you to start at the top and let yourself drop. You can build a lot of muscle by doing negative chin ups, especially because not all of us can do a lot of chin ups.

Sexual enhancement user doing cable rows in the gymCable row

If you are sitting and rowing, you will work your arm muscles much more than when you are standing. This exercise will also help you to build up your back muscles to compliment your arms.

Bent over barbell row

This helps to activate what your arms muscles are made for, pushing and pulling. This will help you to build muscles while pulling. It will help to develop different muscles then when you are pushing.

Push up hammer curl

You will be in the push up position when you do this exercise. You perform this just like a hammer curl, instead you are in a push up position. This exercise will also help you build your abs.

Split jack curl

This will help you to lift weights easier when you are doing split jack. This is also helpful because you are not as stable as when your feet are together. Your arms will be working to keep you balanced and lifting weights.

Resistance band jumping jack

This will help to work out your whole body, but it will also help your arms. By using the resistance band, your arms will have to work over time to get into the jumping jack position.

Squat curls

By staying in the squat position, you will find that your curls are pushed to their max. This also helps to work your lower body and back while working your arms.

Farmer’s carry

You will need to hold weight that are at your maximum weight for this exercise. Holding the weights up by your shoulders, you will walk forward and that is the exercise. This may seem simple, but it helps to target your arms by having them hold up heavy weights for a period of time.

Dumbbell clean

This helps to build your muscles by having load time while under pressure. You will be doubling the amount of time that your biceps are working by doing this exercise, only helping to build more muscle.

Inverted row

This helps to work your upper back. It will also help to work your muscles by lifting your body up.

When it comes to exercising, most men focus on their arms. This is not a bad thing as this is a good muscle group to show off. By adding these simple exercises to your workout routine, you will be able to get the arm gains you’ve always wanted.

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