Best Packaged Vegetarian Food for Athletes

by John Esposito
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Beyond meat and high calorie, plant-based meals are also now available that takes care of all the nutritional needs of athletes.  Packaged nicely and rich in all sorts of mineral and calorie nutrients, these food are entirely vegan. It is common knowledge that athletes require a special diet because of their engagement in rigorous exercises that target the elimination of excess calories in their body. It is joyous to point out that natural foods are also now taking this into consideration. They have championed the cause of producing highly nutritional and detoxifying plant meals that are also rich in providing athletes with the burst of energy they need to deliver. What more, it comes in crunchy styles and delicious too. This article will help provide you with all the information you need to know on the best-packaged veggie food that is good for you. Enjoy the ride. Vega sport protein bar for recovery This comes with a blend of over fifteen plants highly rich in protein. It is designed specifically to help ease out when recovering from the stress of a workout session. It’s also available in different flavours such as chocolate, peanut butter, mint, and chocolate coconut. Instead of going for a milkshake, buy this as it offers better nutritional value than any other kind of snacks you can find around. Beast burger This is actually a veggie patty. It’s entirely made of protein plants and designed to serve as a substitute for meat. In fact, it is seen as the future of meat. You don’t have to cook it since it’s not meat. All you have to do is grill it a bit and it’s good to be served. I heart keenwah This is a high-calorie veggie snack made purely from peanut butter and quinoa grains. It’s perfect for bulking up. It’s made up of macronutrients and could serve as a post-workout snack. In fact, this veggie snack has earned a reputation as the first-ever non-dairy chocolate snack. Modern table lentil penneModern table pasta brand This pasta is low in carbs but high in protein. So, it’s perfect for you as it will aid your muscle development process. The nutritional value of this pasta cannot be compared with any other pasta available in the market. It’s certainly full of protein bust. When served with tomato sauce and pesto, it’s the best taste ever. Gardein’s beefless Ground Athletes who are meat lovers will appreciate this packed food. It can serve as a good alternative to beef. It is highly rich in soy protein which is up to about 18g. To spice up its taste, it also contains groundfish, beef, and chicken. You can combine this with veggies for a sumptuous experience. Gomacro macro bar This crunchy bar is made of almond, chocolate, and coconut. It is also loaded with fibre which is actually good for you. Interestingly, the producers of this highly nutritious plant-based meal have set aside a part of their proceeds for charity. This is another irresistible reason to buy this product apart from the fact it is delicious and also nutritious. This can serve as a post-workout snack or dessert depending on how you like it. BARNANABarnana coffee This is made from banana and blended into the coffee. No other coffee can stand what this product offers as it is highly rich in potassium and also rich in chocolate. It’s available in just the banana flavour. It’s coffee like never before. This can actually be served like ice cream. So, put it in the freezer and let it get chilled up. Flyjoy energy bar Made from quinoa, oats, ground flax, and chia seed, this energy bar is packed with fibre, fatty acids, and proteins. It’s also available in cashew, coconut, and cherry flavor. It’s perfect for hardcore bodybuilders. Take this as a post work out snack Whole me granola clusters This product is low in sugar making it a go for every athlete. Each bag is packed with various vitamins and minerals making its nutritional value a large one. It is available in lemon berry chia flavour, almond chocolate flavour, and cinnamon banana chip flavour. Try any of these flavours and see that it’s far beyond the hype. House food organic tofu This is made from soybean hence, it is rich in protein. In fact, this product is rated as the best tofu in the market. Its nutritional value is extremely high. So, it will do your body a whole lot of good. You can make this tofu into soup.      

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