Best Workouts for Tuesday: Keep Your Motivation Going

by John Esposito
When it comes to Tuesday and you are already thinking that you might make an excuse for why you can’t work out, you need to find a way to keep your motivation. The way you are going to do that is through the workouts themselves. That is right. You are going to plan workouts that will help to motivate you. All you have to do is make yourself do the first one and you can get the motivation to keep going for the rest of them as well.


Begin your Tuesday with 20 minutes of cardio exercising. The push-ups in bent knee form are going to be great for this. You can start with 15 to 25 of these and that will motivate you to keep going for the rest of the days’ routine.

Chest Presses

preview-full-bench-pressAfter you have gotten through your cardio, you are motivated to keep going. Now you can get on with the chest presses. You should be doing 20 to 30 of these every Tuesday. To do them, You will need to be lying on the floor and holding 5 pound weights in each of your hands. Your arms need to be bent and your hands will be lying by the shoulders with your palms facing inwards. You will push your hands up until straight up and palms should face downward at this time. You should slowly get back to the beginning position and do it again.

Chair Dips

preview-full-20130824120938-do-100-chair-dips-without-breaksChair dips are always fun or you can make them be anyways. Turn on some music for this is you would like. You should do 20 to 30 of these. When you are doing them, you will be nearing the edge of a chair and bending your knees. Flex your feet and aim your toes upwards. You will be grabbing the seat and keeping the back straight. You will use your arm strength while putting your torso down into the chair you are using. Your elbows should end level with your shoulders.

Bicep Curls

The final exercise you should be doing for your Tuesday work out plan is bicep curls. You will be doing 40 to 60 bicep curls. When you do these you should make sure you are holding 5 pound weights. You will be doing the 40 to 60 curls for each of your arms. The Tuesday work out plan is quite easier and it is a bit more of a break than you got on Mondays work out plan. Now that you know how you can keep your motivation going through exercising, you should have no problem getting through the work outs for Tuesday. Get going with it!

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