Biggest Sexual Turn-Offs for Women

by John Esposito
Sex is supposed to be fun and dreamy for women, but sometimes you bring red flags in the bedroom that you end up ruining her mood and the entire sexual experience. Spare yourself from the humiliation. To avoid this from ever happening, you need to remember what instantly turns off a woman:  

Poor Hygiene

sad woman in bedEven you wouldn’t want to have a girl with a bad hygiene in bed. It’s basic, really. Part of stimulating intimacy is how one looks sexy and smells good. Without this, the groundwork for sex may be missing a vital piece. Sure, maybe emotional connection is great in sex, but it always starts with attraction. Women wouldn’t be attracted to someone whose breath stinks. Generally, it is essential to be hygienic – from taking a shower, to cleaning your ears, shaving, brushing your teeth, to using deodorant. While it is true that some women would prefer your natural odor, too much of it can potentially ruin her appetite for sexy time. Bad breath is the biggest turn-off of all. If you think your body stench won’t go away despite proper hygiene, go see a doctor.  

Bad Kisser

woman placing finger against man's lips about to kiss herYou know what they say about how it all starts with a kiss? You probably do, which means you know that being a great kisser is a critical start in intimacy. If you don’t start it right with an awesome kiss, the likeliness of going farther goes from ten to zero. Kiss is even more important to women. It somehow builds a connection and makes her want you more if you’re amazing at it. Be passionate in kissing because it makes her see the whole thing as super romantic, which arouses her even more.

Looking Like a Weakling

Women would easily be turned on in the bedroom if they see you act like a man. Being unsure of what to do somehow makes you look less of the man you really are. Avoid looking like a weakling or her sexual appetite would plummet up to the ends of the earth. Constantly asking her if she’s enjoying herself is one poor habit of an unconfident man.

Being Aggressive

Being confident and aggressive are two completely different things. You don’t need to be the latter to show her that you’re confident. Pushing a woman around is certainly an annoying quality not only when having sex, but in everyday situations. Being forceful on what you want also gives the impression that you don’t care about her satisfaction and that you only think about yours. When this happens, the likelihood that she’s going to have sex with you again is low. Gentleness should be the basic manners in bed. If you want to do things a little bit roughly, be sure she’s totally fine with it.

Being in a Hurry

Women don’t just get aroused like men do. This is why foreplay should not be downplayed. Sex is all about anticipating and experiencing an intimate build-up that leads to the main act. So, when she notices that you’re rushing the foreplay because you’re in a hurry to have sex, don’t be surprised if her mood becomes suddenly less inviting. This is not only disappointing, but also insulting. Skipping the foreplay is not only boring for women, it’s also unromantic – romance and intimacy are what keeps her all fueled up for sex. Though sex encounters are not always pleasing and perfect, we can avoid awkward scenarios by being physically prepared (hygiene) and by following sexual manners. You don’t want to be remembered as someone with the stinking breath or the one that sucks in bed. The point is, if you follow these simple guidelines, you get to have more sex, which surely is motivating enough.

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