Is BioRhythm Slim to None Efficient?

by John Esposito
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About BioRhythm Slim to None

BioRhythm Slim to None is a nutritional supplement that claims to help you alleviate stomach pains, bloating, and cramping. Overall, it promises to give you better digestive health by lessening abdominal bloating, decreasing water retention, and facilitate a more regular bowel movement. The company behind BioRhythm Slim to None swears that this supplement is only composed of natural components without any harmful substances like stimulants.

What Are the Components?

top view of toilet bowlThis particular supplement contains two exclusive blends, one of which is for the purification of the colon and the other is for lessening bloating. Below are the components involved? Cascara sagrada – it helps in regularizing your bowel movements by boosting the tightening of the muscles in the colon. It also makes stool become softer, as well as eliminate detrimental bacteria, and generates digestive fluids. Buckthorn bark – it somehow resembles sagrada since it targets the nerves in the colon. This results to the alleviation of constipation by facilitating bowel movement. Bentonite clay – it has a negative ionic charge that magnetically clutches heavy metals, toxins, and acids so they’re eradicated from the system. This clay raises the body’s pH levels, too. Slippery elm – this one has mucilage, which transforms into a smooth gel and covers the stomach, as well as the intestines. This ingredient also shields the intestines from surplus acidity. It is even said to lessen swelling in the bowels. Aloe – this component is basically a laxative, which boosts the tightening of the muscles in the colon. It could be stronger than others, which could trigger throbbing cramps. Flax seeds – these have great fiber content and naturally fiber transforms into a gelatin-like compound after mixing with water. The said component contributes to the mass and dampness of your stool. Senna – it has anthraquinones, which function as highly potent laxatives. It purifies the colon, decreases constipation, and helps the body get rid of toxins. Peppermint leaves – this ingredient relaxes your stomach and improve your digestive capacities. Other ingredients in BioRhythm Slim to None are Boldo leaf, Milk thistle, Uvaursi, and Burdock. This supplement is in the form of gelatin.

Proper Dosage

man clutching his tummy in painThe blend for the purification of the colon contains 650mg while the other blend for bloating is 225 mg. The exact dosages of every ingredient are not revealed. Moreover, the components in BioRhythm Slim to None’s formula are all natural. Just bear in mind that overusing the supplement can still cause side effects. Since there’s no product label, it’s hard to weigh the supplement’s efficacy and what side effects to expect.

Is this Supplement Harmless?

Basically, stimulants, whether they’re natural or otherwise, can lead to adverse reactions. But BioRhythm Slim to None does not have stimulants, so customers can be relieved. Most of the ingredients in the product are deemed harmless. These are cascara sagrada, bentonite clay, slippery elm, flaxseed, senna, peppermint leaves, milk thistle, and burdock. Others could trigger side effects. For example, consuming buckthorn buck for over eight days could lead to potassium deficiency. Your muscles will also weaken and there could be blood in your urine. On the other hand, Boldo lead could be harmful because it has ascaridole, which is a substance that could lead to liver impairment, or even poisoning.

How to Use

According to the company, you need to take one capsule every night prior bedtime for 2-3 weeks. A bottle of BioRhythm Slim to None contains 60 capsules. You can deliberately boost the dosage you take every day until your bowel movement turns regular. It’s also important to consume a glass of water every time you consume this supplement. This is because water purifies the colon. In the case that side effects happen, such as diarrhea, loose stool, and stomachaches, you can lessen your dosage. It is important to note that even though the supplement has several laxatives, it’s not expected to lead to diarrhea.

Place of Purchase

BioRhythm Slim to None can be bought directly from the website at a price of $49.99. The manufacturer doesn’t have actual shops, but they offer their supplements internationally via their official site. BioRhythm Slim to None is also accessible on other online retail stores, including where it has a 60-day refund policy.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Basically, the supplement is composed of numerous components that can purify the colon. Once the colon is cleansed, you’ll experience positive effects such as curing constipation, decreasing bloating, and helping with constipation. By and large, this nutritional supplement for the colon is a promising solution for securing that your digestive health is sustained. It promises to be effective while not generating any side effects.

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