Does Your Blood Diet Impact Your Health? What Foods You Should Eat Based on Your Blood Type?

by John Esposito
blood droplets with different blood types
Most of us know by now that there are many different factors which can impact our health. Even if we are eating the same exact diet as the person next to us our body may react differently which means that not every diet is for everyone. One new type of diet that has emerged recently is one that focuses on a person’s blood type-as the people who developed this diet believe that this has a huge impact on a person’s success rate. Personalized diets aren’t something that is new however, as many diets out there focus on eliminating allergens, health conditions or other factors. While personalizing your diet based on these types of needs is a good idea, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to do so based on your blood type. With that being said there is some data showing that there may be a benefit to doing so, and here are the best diets for us based on our blood type.

Blood Type O

Blood type O’s account for about 40% or more of the population, and is the largest category here. It is believed that these types of people have ties back to hunter ancestors, and thus their diet should reflect that. woman holding model of blood drop This means that a diet for a person with type O blood should heavily revolve around fish, meat and other types of animal products. These people have shown a greater ability to metabolize and synthesize many of the cholesterols found in these animal products than the other blood types do. People who fall into this category should adhere to a paleo type of diet, where proteins and fats make up most of the diet, and less carbohydrates.

Blood Type A

The next largest group of people fall into this category, and it is believed to have originated from farmers. These types of people have an easier time digesting carbohydrates while having a more difficult time with animal proteins and fats. These types of people are best suited to adhere to a vegetarian or vegan diet, where animal products are eaten scarcely, preferably not at all. This type of diet should consist mainly of vegetables, nuts and seeds, as this is where they will get most of their nutrition from. Supplementation with a multivitamin is a good idea as well if you fall into this category or are someone who already follows a vegetarian or vegan diet. This is because many of these people suffer from vitamin deficiencies such as vitamin B12 due to them not getting them from their diets.

Blood Type B

finger prick for blood extraction and testingThis blood type is believe to stem back to our hunter-gatherer ancestors, which most of us envision when we think of those that came before us. These were the people that depended on food sources like berries, meats, vegetables and all different types of foods. Due to the lifestyle of these travelling people, people who fall in to this category seem to be the most tolerant of all food types, allowing them to have a well balanced diet. Ideally you want to be eating a diet that consists mainly of whole foods including vegetables, fruits and meats. Try to avoid sources of carbohydrates that are devoid of most nutrients besides fiber and calories, such as corn, and other similar grains.

Blood Type AB

People who fall into this category are few and far between, as this blood type is the rarest among all. As its name suggests, it is the result of a combination of types A and B, making this type very versatile as it is rare. These types of people arguably have the most flexibility when it comes to the foods they can eat, and thus their diets. People with this blood type should eat a diet that is highly variable, including healthy fats, clean protein, and whole fruits and vegetables. This is the one group that is really great at digesting legumes, so eat up those lentils, beans and peas. Avoid eating too much red meat, refined carbohydrates and other foods which are going to increase the acidity of the blood. Include plenty of green tea and coffee as well to provide your body with some extra source of antioxidants.

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