Brain Power Boosting Tips You Can Use Today

by John Esposito
preview-full-avocado-sliced-in-halfYou have so much going for you but you need some more boost! How are you going to get that? Well, you can start by boosting your brain power. This by no means is saying that you aren’t smart. That is not the case. Think about it this way. You might have more focus early in the morning or maybe you are an evening thinker. Everyone is different in this aspect. Everyone has their own times when their brain is working the best. What if you could boost your brain power all day long? It is possible and you can start doing that today. The more important thing to remember to boost your brain power is that you need your Omega-3s. The fish oil can be bought just about everywhere. Now each one is different so you will need to look at them more. However, you should know that Omega-3s reduce the stress on the brain so you can have more power to concentrate and focus. What are the foods that help you to boost your brain power?


Yes, berries are at the top of the list of brain boosting power foods. You should keep buying pomegranates, strawberries and blueberries. These are some of the tops berries that help your brain to prevent oxidative stress.

Wild Salmon

You must go out and get some wild salmon. This is one of the best sources of Omega-3s and for boosting your brain power. It allows the blood to flow to your brain so you can maximize your concentration, focus and productivity.

Whole Grains

Another way to get your brain power boosted is through whole grains. They are full of Vitamin E and Omega-3s. If you want to protect your body from any diseases of the cardiovascular system and boost your brain power, whole grains are the way to go.


You may not eat avocado much right now. However, they are full of mono-saturated fats which are great for improving your blood vessels and the flow of blood to your brain.


You guessed it, beans are also on the list. Beans help in managing blood sugar levels. When your blood sugar levels are all over the place, it is hard for you to concentrate. You can also get more energy by eating beans regularly too.


preview-full-top-7-super-foods-and-fruits-to-boost-your-memory-12You have read about the most common brain boosting foods but what about tea? Yes, tea is excellent for boosting your brain power as well. If you have a fresh brewed cup of tea, you can get to work and focus in no time. Now that you know more about what types of foods and drinks you should have to boost your brain power, there are some activities you should know about that help you to do this as well. You can do quizzes, puzzles and different memory enhancing games. You can play memory games and counting games to boost your brain power too. Keep all of this information so you can boost your brain power. Make sure you are eating the foods above and drinking tea. Make sure you are boosting your brain power with the activities just mentioned too. You can do this and you will be happy that you did.

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