Is a Busy Schedule in the Way of Your Sex Life? Change That Today!

by John Esposito
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Do you find that you are always too busy to have sex? If your busy schedule is getting in the way of your sex life, you need to change that today. In today’s world everyone seems to think that work always has to come first. If you aren’t working, then you may think that you must always be doing something to get something done and so on. The cycle is endless or so it seems. You have the power to stop it and make a change. You should not let your work or anything else that is keeping you busy affect your sex life. Yes, other things are important but so is sex. If you are in a relationship, sex allows you to be intimate and show off your romantic side as well. In addition, if you are busy sex can help to relieve stress too. Make time for making love or having sex. Find out more about this today!


If you are always focused on being as productive as you possibly can be, you need to stop and take some time to think about this. You may think that taking time for sex is going to make you less productive. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, always focusing on being productive is going to stress you out and cause you to be less productive. The reason for this is because stress causes headaches and pains the body that get in the way of any productivity that you could be having. If you have sex you can relieve that stress and the headaches too. Afterwards, you can be more productive. You see sex is the miracle treatment to being more productive in your life so make time for more sex as often as you can.

Your Lady is Focused on Productivity

Now that you have figured out that sex is going to help you be more productive, you could try to convince your lady of this as well if she is always focused on productivity. However, more often than not, she isn’t just going to take your word for it. Make it a point of your own to be as productive as you possibly can after you two have sex. Make sure she knows how much you are accomplishing so she can see that it does work. To get sex in the first place if she is too busy, you can plan something romantic for the two of you. That is almost always a sure way to get your lady in the bedroom.


140329044016132-sex123456 naked couple kissing unhooking braYou now have more information on how sex can make your more productive and how you can show your lady the same. Now you can spend some time exploring more about how to make sex a priority in your life. You must stop letting a busy schedule get in the way. You don’t just want to have quickies but to start you could do that. However, you should explore how to move your schedule around and get your lady to do the same to make time for full-blown, pleasurable sex that brings about the most mind-blowing orgasms either of you have ever felt. During the process of making sure you incorporate sex more often into any busy schedule, you can connect more with your partner.

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