How Can You Meet Her Love Language

by John Esposito
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Have you ever heard of a love language? No, it is not like English or Spanish or anything like that. A love language is the way that some shows their love and receives love as well. While, you might not think that has anything to do with your sex life, unfortunately, this is where you would be wrong. There are many ways that love language has to do with sex. If you want to have sex with her more often, you should find out how you can meet her love language. Learn more about love language and how to understand your lady better today!

Using Words of Affirmation

preview-full-sex-in-kitchenYou need to start by figuring out what words of affirmation are. These are compliments you give her that show how much you appreciate her and love her. You can use words of affirmation directly to her, brag about things you love about her to your friends and family and write her letters as well that express your appreciation for her. If you do happen to have a disagreement or some sort of conflict with her, make sure you use words that will make her feel more secure.

Using Acts of Service.

preview-full-shutterstock_277170644 man caressing womanYou also need to know what acts of service are as well. These are acts that show her that she doesn’t need to be responsible for everything. You can use acts of service by doing the dishes for her, taking care of the laundry, making her dinner and then cleaning up and so much more. If you have a conflict with her about something, you can use acts of service by changing your behavior and making sure she notices you have done so.

Using Quality Time

You should also know more about quality time. This is basically when you are giving her your undivided attention and making sure she knows the time is all about her. You can use quality time by turning off your cell phone and the television and putting your attention all on her. If you have a conflict, make sure your use quality time by using eye contact, listening to her and showing her empathy as well.

Using Gifts

You need to know when the best times are too use gifts. These are best used to show you are thinking about her. If you constantly give her gifts for no reason, they aren’t going to mean as much to her. You can use gifts by making special days with her and surprising her with them too. If you have a conflict with her, make sure you use gifts as an apology or as a purpose of showing your love.

Using Physical Touch

You should know more about physical touch too. This is not sexual but just a touch that reinforces how much you care about her. You can use physical touch by caressing her lightly, giving her hugs, kissing her softly, giving her a non-sexual massage and holding her hand. If you have a conflict with her, you can use physical touch by cuddling and just showing her you are still there for her. These are the types of love languages that you should know more about. The words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time, gifts and physical touch are all love languages. They are the ways that you can show your love, support and appreciation for your lady. Even when you have a conflict with her, you can still show her that you know what her love languages are. Now, keep in mind that you should learn which times she would rather have you showing her certain types of these love languages and when she doesn’t want some of them too.

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