How Efficient Is Garcinia Cambogia Sensation?

by John Esposito
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Product Overview

Garcinia Cambogia Sensation is a dietary product that touts to help consumers with their weight loss goals thanks to garcinia cambogia’s hydroxytric acid (HCA). It is widely considered to be potent in helping users shed pounds by avoiding glucose to be converted to fat, controlling your desire for food, and enhancing your mood. Simply put, Garcinia Cambogia Sensation purports to deliver hasten assimilation in order to get optimal outcomes. Based on the info on the official web, this weight loss supplement only has natural components with no fillers or any harmful chemicals. The formula contains the following: Calcium 185mg Chromium 100mcg Potassium 30mg GarciniViv Weight Loss Blend 600mg: Garcinia Cambogia Extract (50% HCA), Green Coffee Extract, Moringa Oleifera.

Product Cost & Money-Back Guarantee

fit couple showing ripped absGarcinia Cambogia Sensation is offered via a 14-day trial. This is said to be a free trial since you only have to pay $4.94 to cover shipping. However, after this finishes you will also be charged for the full amount which is $89.99. The supply can last for one month. Afterwards, you will be registered to their autoship plan; meaning your will consistently get Garcinia Cambogia Sensation shipments every 30 days with your credit card being billed for the full amount for every delivery. Moreover, the manufacturer of this supplement doesn’t offer a satisfaction guarantee, something you should bear in mind before making a purchase. For any concerns you can call their customer support at 877-409-4136. Here are the factors you need to consider about Garcinia Cambogia and the widespread claims about its efficacy for weight loss.

Scientific Proof

On the product’s site there’s no clinical proof substantiating Garcinia Cambogia Sensation’s effectiveness. Generally, the plant itself hasn’t been fully proven to provide weight loss results. More studies have to be performed in order to reach conclusive results.

The Ingredients

Half of the components present in Garcinia Cambogia Sensation’s formulation are contained in a 600-mg exclusive blend, which includes the key component garcinia cambogia. This means we cannot know the precise dosage of each of the ingredient contained in this blend. Dr. Oz stated that in order for HCA to work, there needs to be around 500-1,000 mg of it. Thus, we’re not sure how much HCA Garcinia Cambogia Sensation exactly contains. Without this knowledge, it’s hard to gauge the effectiveness of the component. Moreover, there’s calcium in Garcinia Cambogia Sensation. Studies suggest that calcium can decrease the potency of HCA.

User Reviews

As of this writing, there aren’t a lot of feedbacks available online. We only encountered reviews posted by affiliates, who earn commissions with every sale they make. Hence, the resorting to fake reviews posed as genuine feedbacks. Meanwhile, Garcinia Cambogia Sensation is manufactured by a company that’s mainly headquartered in Lutz, Florida. This company is also not registered with the Better Business Bureau during the time of this research.

Satisfaction Guarantee & Free Trial

woman measures waist with surprised reaction to weight lossAs mentioned Garcinia Cambogia Sensation is offered through a 14-day trial, which starts on the date the order is made, not the date the order is delivered and received by customer. Since the order would normally take a span of 5 days to arrive (when we tried to order), the 14-day trial isn’t really 14 days, but rather 9 days. For discontinuing your trial, refer to the following: All cancellations received by GARCINIA CAMBOGIA SENSATION will be effective upon receipt (Phone or US Mail ONLY), UNLESS in the 14 day trial period. IF in the 14 day trial period, customer must send back the unused portion of GARCINIA CAMBOGIA SENSATION, and GARCINIA CAMBOGIA SENSATION must receive it within 15 days to complete cancellation, and avoid being charged the standard monthly membership fee. If the customer rather cancel their account WITHOUT sending back the unused portion, they can keep it for a one-time charge of $38.71 and have their subscription cancelled. If customer does not cancel membership within 14 days, and their credit card declines the re-bill transaction, their account will be canceled and billed the discounted price of $29.95 to keep the bottle and cancel.”

The Takeaway

Garcinia cambogia is widely considered for its potential weight loss effects. On the other hand, the presence of calcium in Garcinia Cambogia Sensation’s formula is problematic because there are studies suggesting the calcium can lessen the potency of HCA. It’s also hard to gauge its effectiveness without other vital information, such as the exact doses of the ingredients and credible customer reviews. Nevertheless, if you’re keen on trying Garcinia Cambogia Sensation you can still do so. Just bear in mind that healthy diet and regular exercise are still important parts of the weight loss equation.

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