Expert Advice on Healthy Lunch Ideas to Lose Quick Pounds

by John Esposito
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Breakfast is typically the meal that gets the most attention, as it is commonly referred to as the most important meal of the day. While this may be true to some extent, this doesn’t mean that you should neglect eating healthy during other meals as well. Lunch can be a problem for many people and for many different reasons. Many of us spend our lunch hours at work in office, and at our options are limited. Others are looking to cut back on calories wherever they can in an effort to lose weight, and lunch is typically the meal that is the hardest hit.

While we all want to maintain the healthy and sexy figure, not eating enough at lunch is a good way to make ourselves feel sleepy and sluggish towards the latter half of our work day. Each meal should contain the proper balance of nutrient rich vegetables, mean proteins, and healthy facts.

Best Take Out Options

The most common misconception about healthy lunch options is that many people believe sushi and other restaurants that serve fish is a good for us. While the fish itself is a great source of being protein as well as beneficial fats, the meal itself usually consist mainly of rice or some other cheaper filler ingredient.

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These filler grains such as rice in Mexican dishes, pasta in Italian dishes for example are the foods that are really going to negatively impact our diet, as they generally are high in calories and low in other nutrients.

When trying to choose the most healthy takeout option for lunch, your best bet is to opt for a salad with the least amount of additives such as dressings which are going to really racked up the calories. Avoid additional carbohydrates wherever possible for example ordering a burrito bowl instead of the burrito itself.

Chef salad is an excellent option here as well as it contains plenty of greens as well as the necessary proteins as well, both of which are going to keep youthful and help you going throughout the course of your day. Pressed for Time

If you’re someone that is always on the go or if you’re someone who is a typical a personality never wants to sit down and eat, then you’re probably someone who just grazes for lunch and eats whatever is available.

If this sounds like you the best thing you could do is to provide yourself with healthier options such as keeping a few bags of nuts around as well as seeds, which are easily accessible snack. These foods are rich in many types of nutrients including calories, which can help keep you going without the need for an actual lunch.

Most Simplistic

If you’re someone who likes to make the best use of your time and get things done in the most efficient manner as possible, then the best piece of advice here is to double up on your meals. For example if you’re going to be cooking star Friday for dinner tonight, make a double batch of it so that you can bring the other half to work for lunch.

healthy packed lunch for kidsAs long as you know how to properly eyeball portion sizes here, you’ll be able to effectively meal plan your lunches with a minimal time investment. For portions of proteins, generally speaking you want something that is about the size of your fist, and for vegetables you want to include approximately a baseball size serving in each meal. You also want to make sure you’re getting the proper amount of calories in each meal by providing yourself with a nutrient rich starch such as a sweet potato, quinoa or other whole vegetable.

The Meal Prepper

If someone who is all about meal prepping, then chances are you aren’t too concerned about variety. You are all about getting the cooking out of the way in one shot, while still getting the most nutritious food in the process.

Their plenty of good options here however one of the best options that pretty much anyone can do on their own is to prepare a stir fry. A stir fry requires little cooking equipment, and is a meals that is well balanced and contains all the nutrients we need. You can either use mean chicken, lean Turkey, or even lean beef as your base protein here, while incorporating plenty of bell peppers and some brown rice for additional macro nutrients and calories.

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