Fight Off Low Energy for Better Overall Health

by John Esposito
low_engery_maca_feature_sleepy_guy_square-500x490When you are working towards healthier living, you may have difficulties doing that if you have low energy. Low energy can make it difficult to do a wide range of things. With low energy, you may not even want to get out of bed to get anything accomplished and that includes healthier living. There is a theory that when you are exhausted it takes over your body and the mind. There is often nothing that can seem to fight it or so it seems. Getting more sleep will generally just make it worse. Learn more about low energy to fight it off so you can live healthier sooner!

What is more information about the theory?

The theory that was just mentioned is a good one to remember. The truth is that low energy does have a lot to do with adrenal functioning. When adrenal function is messed up, it will burn off your energy faster than you could believe. This will then make a condition in which your stress responses are constantly on the rise. When you have this condition your body is going to be in fight or flight mode constantly and that is bound to burn you out.

What about the hormones in your body?

During the process of this condition your hormones involved are cortisol, testosterone, aldosterone and adrenaline. When your body gets flooded with these hormones you crave saltier foods, your body retains water and stores more fat. You have to admit that it is difficult to live healthier when your body is doing these things to you. It can make your irritable and you could even lose your sex drive. That is not something you want to have happen. Not only that, but like mentioned-above, you are going to be mentally and physically drained. Also, since your body is lacking energy it is unable to fight off aging too. You need proper functioning of these hormones in your body to stay healthy.

What should you do about it?

high-protein-low-calorie-foodsIf you believe that you may have adrenal fatigue and that is causing you to be exhausted, the first thing you need to do is add more protein to your daily eating. If you are currently on a low fat or low calorie diet, it is likely that you aren’t getting enough protein. In addition, if you believe you have adrenal fatigue be sure you are getting enough Vitamin C and possibly even take Ginseng each day as well. That will help to manage your stress hormones. If the cause of your low energy is adrenal fatigue be sure you get enough sleep but not too much because that will make things worse. Now that you have a rundown of what could be causing your low energy levels, you can finally do something about it. If you want better and healthier living, you aren’t going to be able to do that with low energy. In fact, you aren’t going to feel like doing much of anything when you have low energy. If you believe you have adrenal fatigue, do something about it. Once you fall into the habits that come along with low energy, it is hard to get out of them. Don’t let that happen.

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