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by John Esposito
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There are 5 types of fat that the body holds. Unfortunately, at times, this makes it more difficult to lose weight. The more that you learn about the different kinds of fat on your body, the better results you can get with a weight loss plan. To start today off, you should learn more about brown fat. The information here will show you what type of fat this is and what it does on your body. Getting rid of it is possible and you can find this out as well.

2page_img0_en white fat brown fat cellsWho Has It?

Brown fat is one of the fats on the body that is very active with metabolism. It is often used by the body to burn off calories which are transformed into heat. This occurs when they are exposed to the cold. When people usually think of this kind of fat, they often think about chubby baby fat. However, adults can and do have this type of fat as well.

What About Cold Thermogenesis?

Cold Thermogenesis is when your body uses cold exposure and turn your body’s heat up to protect itself from the cold. It is helpful to use icing or cold exposure before or even after exercising. It helps your body to lose more weight. This is mainly because your metabolism is raised or gets raised due to exercising. When you are then exposed to the cold, your metabolism works even faster, hence heating up the body.

Are there Benefits to Cold Exposure?

The first thing for you to know is that cold exposure is one of the absolute best ways to get rid of brown fat and drop off those pounds. There are numerous benefits to using cold exposure for weight loss. This does not just include getting rid of brown fat. Some other benefits include increasing hormones and cutting out food cravings.

shutterstock_147930050 man happy about weight shown on scaleWhat Else Should be Known?

There are a few other facts that you should know about brown fat. First, you should know that the brown fat is helpful. This is the type of fat that burns off the white fat. The white fat that is in your stomach, back, butt and hips can all be burnt off from the brown fat. Understanding that more brown fat is grown during cold exposure will help you lose more weight. During colder temperatures, brown fat comes on to the body to generate heat for the body. While this heat is protecting you from the cold, it is also helping you lose weight as well. These are some of the things you may need to know about brown fat. This is a type of fat that is good for your body to an extent.

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