The Foods to Eat to Appease Your Appetite-Foods to Eat to Lose Weight

by John Esposito
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The most difficult times people have controlling are we is while dieting and trying to put on muscle the same time. It’s too because balancing act is more delicate as far as a calories you can cut. This is because you still need to be a decent amount of calories and protein to maintain muscle mass to make all that work you putting into the gym worthwhile. While doing so is more difficult it is not impossible if you know what types of foods to be can easily quell your hunger if you eat right, which unfortunately many people don’t know how to do. Here are some foods you want the next time you go grocery shopping the best help you stick to your diet well not going through muscle atrophy the same time.

1. Whey protein

oatmeal with plumWhey protein is a supplement that you want a pickup the next time you food shopping. This is because protein itself is something that’s going to suppress your appetite due to the fact that body takes awhile to digest and synthesize it. This means that your body is going to get more steady supply of this nutrient overtime as opposed to if it were digested and synthesize immediately. Many of the amino acids found and weight protein powders also help to suppress signals in the brain responsible for triggering hunger. In addition to its nutritional benefits ways also agree supplement to add to your daily diet because of how versatile it is. You can put in any drinks you can make a shake out of it, throw into ice cream, etc. It is an easy and convenient way to get some extra protein in your diet.

2. Animal Proteins

Animal proteins are great appetite suppresses as well not only because of the obvious in their protein content, but the type of protein that they contain. It’s mainly us to do with the amino acid called phenylalanine, the one that is famous for making us tired after thanksgiving dinner. This amino acid is a great appetite suppressor, and is not found in high amounts within plant sources. This is why it is preferable to eat lean animal proteins such as turkey, chicken and fish if you’re looking to fight your hunger. With that being said if you are a strict vegetarian or vegan there are some alternatives out there for you which can also reduce your hunger cravings. Nuts, seeds and beans are going to be your best options here, in particular almonds, sunflower seeds and black beans.

3. Whole Grain Breads

Another nutrient that is going to help keep us full longer is fiber, and it is one that comes at a cost of zero calories. Eating foods with a decent amount of fiber in them is going to help to fill you up more than if you were to eat the same type of food with less fiber in it. People make the mistake of choosing the wrong types of bread when they go foods shopping, although they may think that they are picking the right kinds to lose weight. Most of us know that white breads and white pastas for example are not goods foods for weight loss, and tend to pick some type of grain bread or grain pasta as an alternative. Most of these breads that are marketed as healthier versions are just as bad as their white bread counterparts as far as nutrition is concerned. Instead, look for breads made with 100% whole wheat, bran, rye or whatever grain the bread is made from. Breads made from 100% whole grains contain all of the fiber from the germ itself, as it is made with the entire bran portion.

4. Vegetable and Nut Oils

whole grain cereal with strawberryBest of all not oils are another group of foods you want to be eating on a daily basis because of their weight loss potential. Everyone knows by now about health benefits of eating these foods because of their omega three fatty acids and how they’re healthy for our cardiovascular system. They also contain other type of fatty acid oleic acid, otherwise known as omega 9 fatty acid. This fatty acid hopes to suppress appetite signals the brain. When it comes to these oils quality is king. Common favorites such as olive oil, come in different grades and the higher the grade the higher the concentration of these beneficial fats. Since you should be using the fat sparingly, such as drizzling them on a salad or using them as some kind of dressing is well worth it to spend the extra money on the higher quality oils.

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