Foods to Eat to Get Rid of Headaches

by John Esposito
Thinking about your health and nutrition, what you eat or drink does impact how healthy you look and feel. You may have heard that you are what you eat and that means if you eat junk food, you are going to feel like junk. If you eat healthier foods, you are going to be healthier and look healthier. For one example, there are so many men who suffer from headaches and some even suffer from migraines. They are debilitating and cause many other issues in life. If you experience cluster headaches, the pain might be unimaginable. You may instantly want to pop some painkillers to get rid of your headaches. However, as you probably known painkillers are another danger to your body. Instead of getting out the pills, think about what you are eating. Science actually backs up the fact that some foods and drinks can get rid of headaches and possibly even prevent a headache as well. Don’t believe it, give it a try!


It might be easy enough to understand that foods that are known to eliminate and relieve inflammation and pressure can help fight headaches. This is true. You may already know this but magnesium has been known to fight off headaches because they cause blood vessels to relax. Almonds are known for their protein but they are also filled with all-natural magnesium. Have a headache or migraine? Pop some almonds instead of painkillers.

Baked Potatoes

Suffering from a headache or migraine is horrible. You lose electrolytes like potassium causes many headaches you may have. If you want to fight off this loss of electrolytes, you need foods that are full of potassium. You may think that bananas are what you need for this but the truth is that a baked potato has a ton more potassium than a banana. Stock up on them and cook them up and feel your headache disappear.


While water isn’t a food, it works just as well as the one’s mentioned here. Many men have stated that drinking water helps to get rid of a headache or even prevent their headaches as well. One reason you might suffer from a headache is because of dehydration. When you drink enough water every day it works as a diuretic. People use water as a preventative for hangover headaches. Why is that because when you drink more water than you are going to expel, headaches are prevented. Think about this when you have a headache. Also, remember that you can drink water daily to prevent those regular headaches or migraines as well. Think about everything that you eat. You may want to do a bit of research to find out if some of the foods or drinks you have might be causing your headaches to stick around. How amazing would it be to get rid of headaches? It would feel pretty great, right? If you think so all you need to do to start the process of feeling better is to start eating almond and baked potatoes and make sure you start drinking more water as well. It is pretty simple and it is also something that you can start doing right away!

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