Get Healthier with These Breathing Techniques

by John Esposito
If you want to get healthier, you need to focus on breathing techniques. You may hear about getting healthier by what you eat and the exercises you do but your breathing is just as important. Some people who have higher levels of stress may not focus on their breathing much at all. This can lead to various health issues. If you are someone who doesn’t pay too close of attention to your breathing, doing the following breathing techniques can help you out.

Using 4-6-8 Breathing

preview-full-breathing-techniques-3If you are not used to following along with your breathing, you should try 4-6-8 breathing. This is one of the breathing techniques that works by counting your breaths. You will quietly inhale into your nose and exhale out your mouth. The tip on your tongue should be put near the ridge of your front teeth on the top over the course of this breathing technique. When you inhale, you do that for 4 seconds. You will hold your breath for 6 seconds and you will release the breath for 8 seconds. You should do this type of breathing 3 times each time you do it.

Using Belly Breathing

Nostril breathing

Nostril breathing

Have you ever heard of belly breathing? You probably have but that doesn’t mean you do it regularly. This is one of the breathing techniques that helps out a lot. You may also hear of it as abdominal breathing. You will expand your abdomen instead of the upper chest area. Your diaphragm will be moving in the middle area and your lungs are pushing your organs in the abdomen downwards. This helps to better your digestive system and expand your airway as well.

Using The Breath Walk

If you have never tried the breath walk, start doing it as soon as you can. This is when you use breath types, intervals and ratios. You will sync them up with your steps and pay attention to your breaths at the same time. This helps to clear your mind, reduce stress and improve health as well. This type of breathing helps in improving relaxation and reducing pain as well.

Using Buddhist Type Breathing

If you haven’t tried Buddhist type breathing, now is the time for you to do that. This breathing is usually known as meditative breathing. You are more aware of your inhales and exhales. You will start by being aware of your surrounding and then focusing on your breaths coming in and out slowly.

Using Buteyko Type Breathing

You may not have heard of Buteyko type breathing but it is one of the greatest breathing techniques for improving your health. There are numerous health issues that can be treated with this breathing technique including asthma, hyperventilating and others. With this technique, you will slowly breath into and out of your nose. This also helps in the reduction of wheezing and gasping too.

Using Clavicle Type Breathing

Clavicle type breathing is also known as shallow breathing. This is a breathing technique in which you will bring the air inside your chest by lifting your collarbone and shoulders up. The oxygen will come above the top 1/3 of your lungs.

Using Coherent Type Breathing

Using coherent type breathing will involve normal breathing rates. You should have the same number in inhales and you do exhales. This will help to improve your nervous system and circulation throughout your body too.

Using Costal Type Breathing

There is also a breathing technique that is called costal type breathing or even lateral breathing. This technique happens when there is lateral and horizontal movement of your ribs.

Using Counting Breaths

There is a simple breathing technique called counting breaths. You can do this technique in many different ways. You can start counting upwards from the number one. You can start at 1 and count by all the odd numbers. You can choose to count by 2s, 5s or 10s. You can even start at 100 and count to 400. You can even count backwards by 1s or whatever sequence you choose. When you are counting, be sure to focus on your breaths through each number. You can choose how you count and which numbers you use as long as you are focused on your breaths. This is helpful in relieving stress, anxiety, depressive thoughts and helps in relaxation as well. There are various breathing techniques as you see here that can help to improve your health. Start using them today!  

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