Get Rid of Those Chicken Legs With This Beast of a Routine

by John Esposito
ripped guy doing lunges with weights
When it comes to your workout routine, you have a specific goal in mind. Athletes look for exercises that involve low weights and high repetitions in the pursuit of endurance, while power lifters are going to do the complete opposite to build mass by doing high weights and low repetitions. man with defined muscular legs doing leg liftsThen you have bodybuilder who like to be somewhere in between, with doing a solid amount of weight but more repetitions than a power lifter would look to do. Most exercise routines are designed around focusing on strength or endurance, but what if you want both? The best way to go about doing this is an exercise routine that involves muscle overload, like a superset within a superset itself. To cover all the bases you have to start your routine with low repetitions with maximum weight to get the most out of your workout. You will have 100% of your strength at the beginning of your workout so that is when you want to target building size and power. As you progress through your routine you will reduce the weight and increase the repetitions to get a boost to your endurance as well. For this routine, we will be focusing on the legs because it seems to be a major problem area that many guys tend to forget about when it comes to weight training.

Best Training Program for Your Legs

man with defined muscular legs doing leg curlsTo start we will work on the legs because it is such a large muscle group and we can throw a whole bunch of exercises together here that will work well. For your own sanity to start, it is best to do your sets in multiples of a set number so it is easier for you to remember. For this example we will be using 5 different exercises so we will do our repetitions in multiples of 3. 1 – First you are going to start off with the barbell squat. To do this exercise place the bar on your back, which should be parallel to the floor. You want to bend at your knees, and squat down to the point  where your butt is just passed your knees. Pull yourself back up and return to the starting position. Do 3 sets of your barbell squats for 3 reps each. Remember this is our mass building exercise so you want to be lifting about 90% of your maximum weight for this exercise 2 – The second exercise we are going to do is the seated leg press. This exercise is performed using a machine in a seated position to where your back is about 45 degrees from the floor. You want to do this exercise for 3 sets of 6 repetitions each. Leg press is a great exercise to use when it comes to strength training because the machine stabilizes the weight for you. This allows you to lift even more weight than your normally could.

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