Do You Hate Going to the Gym? Here are Exercises You Can Do Instead!

by John Esposito
Are you one of the many men who just hate going to the gym? If so, you may wonder how you are ever going to get fit. Luckily for you there are other exercises you can do instead. Don’t use not going to the gym as an excuse for why you aren’t going to exercise. About two-thirds of American men don’t go to the gym and most of them are still fit. You might not have money to go to the gym or maybe you just don’t want to go somewhere just to get fit. So, what can you do?

hiphop_dancerYou Can Start with Dancing

Yes, that is right, you can go dancing. This may seem more like a girly thing to do but it isn’t. If you have a lady in your life, you and her can go to plenty of dance classes so you can get fit. If you have no lady in your life, go out to a club and find a lady to dance with. This is fun and it is a true workout. You can burn around the number of calories when dancing as you would when jogging.

You Can Go Swimming

No matter what time of the year it is, you can always go swimming. If you have a swimming pool at your house, if the weather is nice you can do that. If not, you can find a local community center to go swimming at. You could also book a hotel for the night and go swimming as well. During the spring and the summer, you can go swimming at the beach or in a lake. Swimming will work out your entire body and it is very good for your joints as well. If you want to burn off a lot of calories, this is the way for you to do that.

You Can Go Running or Biking Outdoors

Yes, there are indoor bikes you can use. You can even run inside your home if you wish. However, one of the best ways for you to get fit is to go running or biking outdoors. You will be more motivated doing this and it is better for your mind to get outdoors too. Maybe you may want to sign up for a 1 or 5-mile race. You can then train by yourself or with others to get your running in.

cyclingYou Can Use Workout Videos

Another way that you can get fit without using the gym is to use workout videos. If you don’t have money to buy the many DVD workout videos or workout games on video consoles, you can find many free workout videos online. You can find many of these videos on YouTube. The great thing about these is that you can use them anywhere that you go as long as you have internet; which most people do have on their phone or tablet.

You Can Join a Sports Team

Man up and join a sports team. You can hang out with other guys, have a great time and get fit all at the same time. You can find a sport going on in just about any season. Even if you don’t know how to play that well, you can learn and have a great time doing so as well. Every sport will give you some fitness so you can build muscle, burn off calories and burn off fat too. If the thought of working out in a gym is something that does not interest you at all, there are other options for you when it comes to exercising and working out. You can choose all or any of the above-mentioned exercises so you can get fit starting today. Schedule these into your routine so you know that you are more likely to stick to them. Get fit without the gym!

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