Health and Leadership: Leaders Should Emphasize More on their Health

by John Esposito
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Health and Leadership

Health is wealth. This applies to every person, whether you’re a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or a fresher. The study shows that Americans are the biggest consumers of weight loss products, accounting for 80% of the total purchase of those products. This shows that most of the people are not healthy, and every person needs to take good care of their health.

The head of the organization and department have more responsibilities than other employees, and people often look at them as if they are very special people. However, the fact is that they are just normal human beings with additional responsibilities.

And, the leaders have a very difficult time managing their health. There are times when they even have to sacrifice their sleep to work for their respective departments or organization. With so much physical and mental pressure, they need to put some extra effort than others to maintain their health.

Health problems among the leaders

Due to excessive work pressure, many leaders are likely to suffer from various diseases. The mental health problems are seen in many leaders, and it should not be a surprising thing to know this. The mental health problems, such as stress, anxiety, and depression, are seen in many great leaders.

Along with mental health problems, physical health issues, such as heart attack, diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure, are also very common health issues among leaders.

What can a leader do to be healthy?

When a person has a lot of time, it’s not a big deal to give time for health and fitness. However, it’s a challenge for a leader. They need to take some time out and make a plan to maintain their healthy condition. Here is how a leader can manage to stay healthy.

1. Morning workout

doing stretches in the officePower comes up with added responsibilities, and being healthy is one of the most important responsibilities of a leader. There are tons of benefits from exercise, and it’s very important to be involved in regular workouts to have a healthy lifestyle.

For a busy leader, there is no better time than morning for a nice workout. Try to manage at least an hour for exercise. It will help in keeping you fresh and energetic throughout the day. The study shows that regular workouts also change the brain for enhancing the thinking skills and memory of a person.

2. Set your priorities

There are plenty of works to do throughout the day, and it’s not an uncommon thing for a leader. Some works are very important while some other works are not so important and urgent. Just like a normal human being, it’s not possible for a leader to do all the works together.

Before going out to the workplace, spend some time listing out the important things to do in both home and workplace. Spend your time doing important and urgent things at first. It will take a lot of pressure out of the brain, which will help in releasing the work stress.

3. Fit yourself into the schedule

Planning a schedule without including yourself is an unhealthy thing to do. It won’t help in making you a healthy leader. No matter how busy you are, manage time for yourself. After waking up early in the morning, manage time for a healthy breakfast before or after a workout.

The time for skin care, lunch, tea, dinner, relaxation, and others must be included on the schedule to be physically and mentally fresh throughout the day. In a very busy working day, try to reduce the time for various activities, but do manage the time anyway.

4. Work smart

A person must be willing to work hard, but he/she must also think of finish the work in a smarter way. It’s a very important skill for a leader to seek ways to complete the work in an easier fashion.

Working smart will help in saving a lot of time, which will provide time for extra works and relaxation. There are various ways to work smartly. One can use the software, group emails, and others to assist them in finishing the work quickly.

5. Focus on family and relationship

quality time with familyHuman beings are social animals, and each and every human being needs love and support from their family and friends. There are people who have ruined their relationship with their family, friends, and loved ones due to their works.

Ruining the relationships will only lead to sadness and stress, as it will ruin both the personal and professional life of a person. Manage time for your partner and sexual relationship too. The psychological factors, such as sadness, stress, depression, lead to sexual problems in men. The study shows that maintaining an active sex life helps in enhancing work satisfaction.

Maintaining a healthy relationship will ultimately help in boosting both personal and professional life satisfaction.

6. Take a break now and then

Taking a break from work to enjoy is very important for increasing productivity in the workplace. Go out with your friends and family to enjoy the moment. It will help in reducing the stress and boosting the mood. Working out all the time can be very monotonous.


The major goal of the leader is to lead his employees and get success through them. However, it’s not possible for the leader to perform at his/her best without being fit and healthy. A healthy person means being physically and mentally fit, and a physically fit person is more capable of coming out with innovative ideas than the person who is not healthy.

According to the statistics, around 117 million American adults are diagnosed with some kind of chronic disease. It’s more profitable to put those extra efforts to be healthy, instead of ending up as a sick person.

You can search for ways to improve mental health, increase sperm volume, increase stamina, and more on the internet to enhance your physical and mental health.

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