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by John Esposito
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Is a gym membership worth it or should you fork over the dough for a home setup? There are a few factors to consider before coming to your decision. There are pros and cons for each. You should take a look at your budget, weekly life-routine, and personality. The latter has much more do with your decision than you may realize.

Home Bound Benefits

All day access gyms have become a thing. Members can hit the gym day or night with a computerized passkey. Many of them have not caught up with technology and are only open during traditional business hours. If anytime access is important, and no 24 hours centers are available in your area, consider setting up a home gym.

While it is necessary to fork over the investment for the equipment at the beginning, over time it may be a cheaper option. Fitness center membership fees are generally due once per month or per year. If you save the $50 to $100 payment a month for a year, you will have a decent sum to begin investing in your home equipment. Another possibility is to ask your buddies to exchange a little investment cash for time on the equipment.

room with home gym equipmentMost fitness centers have guidelines for conduct, but you may still run into beefed up bullies from time to time. You set your own rules in your home. If you want to workout in your drawers and grunt like a madman in your own home, more power to you.

A home gym set up may be less distracting than a fitness center. Maybe you’re a talker or you’ve been eying the sexy babe who’s there every Monday and Wednesday morning. Distractions can lead to inaction which results in no forward progress.

You won’t need to shower with others or share your locker room space in your home. Most gyms offer locks to protect your belongings but you don’t really have to worry about it at home.

You don’t have to wait in line to use any of your equipment. You may have to share with your significant other or your buddies; however, your partner will probably be your spotter as well. If your fitness center is producing an ad campaign in the gym, you may be shit out of luck for the day. This can happen several times a year and prevents access to the equipment. In your home, it’s on your time and on your dime.

Home Set-Up Snags

The number one drawback of home gym is your initial investment cost. This is not just for your equipment, but also for any home improvement tasks to create your workout space. Consider asking around and searching local classifieds for used equipment to save a little money.  There is also the rent to buy option. Of course, this means you still incur a monthly fee. This is not indefinitely. Once you have paid it off, you’re done.

The next snag is your spotter. If all your bros are busy and you live alone, you may not have anyone for the job. It is important to have someone there in case you overdo it. Going it alone is extremely risky and can cause serious, long-term injury.

You’ll have to count on yourself and whatever research method you use for professional advice. You won’t be able to consult trainers and staff for workout or equipment questions.

Membership Benefits

gym instructor teaching manPurchasing a gym membership has several advantages over working out in your garage. You’ll have access to a wide variety of equipment. As technology advances, fitness machines offer more benefits, but they are frequently more complicated to operate. Staff is generally certified, friendly and knowledgeable. Many memberships also include access to a digital database to consult about your routine, equipment instruction, and even your diet.

Spring cleaning your routine will be pretty simple in a gym. You can just switch up which machines you use. In your home gym, your choices only include those you have purchased.

If money’s tight, you can opt for the auto monthly withdrawal to pay for your fitness membership. You can usually cancel or take a break for a month or two if you suddenly need those funds.

Keep in mind that monthly fee provides access to some extras as well. It depends on the company and your membership level. You might be able to chill in a hydro-massager and get your tan on. It may also include:

  • Nutrition Advice
  • Weight Management Advice
  • Digital Library Access
  • Discounts for Fitness Companies & Nutritional Products
  • Lockers & Showers

Fitness Center Flaws

While you may have access to your Fitness Center 24, 7, you might not be able to hit and get it. If you follow a fast-paced routine, interruptions are a pain. You can choose when you get there, but not always when your circuit ends.

Privacy is another glitch because it does not exist in fitness centers. Whether you are a grunt and go type dude or just a bit self-conscious, a crowd can hinder your workout. Most professional centers provide a clean environment, but you will have to share the showers with others who may be less so.

Again, most gyms maintain a high-level of cleanliness but that is not always a guaranteed protection against germs. People, including those who may be sick, will be using the equipment. If you catch a cold every time someone else sneezes, public equipment may not be your best option.

There are many pros and cons of both options to consider. Take a little time to weigh them all before making a commitment. Remember that above all you should pick that which best suits your personal life and will assist you in demolishing your fitness goals.

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