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There are many symptoms related to allergies such as congestion, itchy and watery eyes, fatigue, sneezing, and runny nose. These symptoms can get rid of a lot of your feelings of desirability, but even though all of the following symptoms can negatively affect your sexual relations, you can find other ways to enjoy yourself and your partner.

So, with that being said, here are a variety of ways allergy symptoms can change how you experience sexual relations.


Fatigue may be constant when you have allergies. Congestion and medication to treat your allergies may lead to decreased sleep. Drowsiness may make it difficult to have enough energy to have sexual relations or to stay awake long enough to help your partner get in the mood.

Also, when you do not get enough sleep, this may lead to negative changes in your nervous system, which can lower your ability to experience sexual arousal. Sleep is very important in many areas, including the sexual sphere. With proper sleep, you can enjoy all of the benefits of your partner and have enough energy to become aroused.



Possibly even more important than the effect decreased smell has on the enjoyment of food is its effect on sexual attraction. Often, people are aroused by their partners through pheromones. These substances are secreted by the body and lead to much of the sexual attraction between two potential partners. Pheromones are responsible for signaling to another that you are sexually available and they are also responsible for helping you and your partner get into the mood for sexual relations. With a decreased sense of smell, you can miss the pheromones of someone who may interest you. This can make you miss a meaningful relationship that could have been easily avoided if your allergies were under better control by your medication or therapy regimen.


Just like when you are standing in the line at a grocery store or studying at the library, a running nose does not sound great. All of that sniffling, blowing, and other unpleasant noises can really disrupt your experience. And so it goes with your sexual relations. Your partner may love the look and feel of your nose, but they will not look forward to the dripping fluid that comes from it or that you may need to go to the bathroom and blow your nose. Again. In addition, your running nose can get in the way of sexual activities like oral sex, kissing, or intimate making out. While your partner would love to swap a lot of fluids with you, this is one that they could do without.

Allergies can lead to an almost unstoppable runny nose which can be very disruptive. Whether you are taking medication for your allergies or some other treatment regimen it is very important to get those under control.


Having to stop and scratch your eyes during sexual relations can make you feel self-conscious and annoyed. If you are kissing and feel that unnerving sensation, it would be very hard to just ignore it. Not only can allergies lead to red eyes, but they can cause puffiness of the eyes and “allergy shiners”. These dark circles under your eyes may also increase your self-conscious because you may look tired, older, and like you do not want to be approached. All of these symptoms can lower your sexual relations or potential for them.

Though many people don’t think too much of allergies, in fact, a study conducted with 400 people who suffered from hay fever found that 83% were living with a sex life that was occasionally affected by their allergies. 17% also noted that allergies negatively impacted their sexual lives nearly always or always. So, the impact of allergies shouldn’t be underestimated. These can be a lot more disruptive than those without allergies would think.


Limit Exposure

Recommended by doctors, the first thing you should do is avoid your allergens. Whether they are pollen, pet dander, dust mites, molds, or other substances, this can greatly lower your allergic reactions.

When there is a great deal of pollen around, staying inside with the air conditioning on and all of the windows closed can offer relief. If you do venture outside, wear large sunglasses to keep the pollen from getting into your eyes. If you are driving, turn on the air conditioning and keep your car’s windows closed.

Change Clothes and Wash Your Hair


When pollen is high, change into different clothes after you come inside. Washing your hair before turning in for the night is also a great way to lower your exposure. You may also try tear-free shampoo to cleanse your eyelids. Finally, using a Neti pot or nasal spray that contains saline is useful to clear out your nose.

Remove Rugs, Carpets, and Curtains

Curtains are notorious for trapping allergens. These can circulate around your home every time you open the curtains. Shades can provide the same function and not collect allergens.

Replace carpets and rugs with tile or wood flooring. These easier to clean of allergens, whereas carpets and rugs have a depth which may not be reachable by your vacuum. In addition, add a HEPA filter to your home. This can remove allergens from the air and help your allergies.

Do Not Sleep With Your Pet

While 70% of people sleep with their animals in their bed, 54% are allergic. This can wreak havoc on your well-being, so it is best to keep your animals out of your bedroom. Not only can their fur float through the air and settle on all of your furniture but they can get stuck in your linen. With these allergens all of your bed, this could greatly disrupt your sleep.

Washing your bedding often, in a temperature that is 130 degrees or more, is excellent to ensure optimal health.

Your sexual life doesn’t have to suffer because of allergies. There is a lot you can do.

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