How to Be Emotionally Stronger

by John Esposito

As human beings, we all have emotions. We all have our worries, fears, sadness, anger, and things that make us happy. However, our worries can intensify our emotions and can inhibit our ability to solve our everyday problems in life. They can cloud our thoughts and keep us from seeing the bigger picture, limiting our perceptions and keep us stuck in a loop of negative thinking that keeps us from solving our problems and moving on with our lives.

They can also intensify feelings of sadness and anger, which can lead to depression and anger problems, respectively, and these things can have an impact on our day to day living and cause more problems on our relationships as well. However, we all wish we can be emotionally stronger to deal with our daily lives because our lives don’t take a stop for us to catch our breaths. Fortunately, there are ways to become emotionally stronger no matter what life throws our way.

What are emotions and why do they need to be controlled?

Emotions are what we feel depending on what’s happening around us. They are created subconsciously based on our everyday behaviors and beliefs. They can be intensified due to our fears and fear can also intensify anger as well. The intensification of these emotions can lead to depression and anger problems, so it is important to take some tips to regulate our emotions properly.


Breathing will help loosen the tightened muscles that are already tensed by your worries, and it will help you start thinking about other things to get your mind off of negative thoughts and start thinking about positive thoughts and solutions.

Get counseling

Perhaps a second, unbiased party with certification in mental sciences can help you get to the root of your mental issues. They can also be a good ear to listen to you vent your frustrations if you choose to do so.

Take a break

How to Be Emotionally StrongerPerhaps you need to take a break to see a solution to your problems with a clearer head. Also, having a break can help you prevent burnout. Maybe practicing yoga can help you clear your head and reduce your stress. Or you can do something else to take your mind off things like drink a cup of tea or watch a movie. A good distraction from your ruminations, whatever it is, will help you reduce your stress and help you be more productive with your problems the next time you think about them.

Stop ruminating on negative thoughts

Ruminating on negative will only intensify your feelings of anxiety, and it will keep yourself from seeing the bigger picture and also limit you from seeing other opportunities that are out there for you to take.

Think productive thoughts

Thinking of ways to get your goals is a good way to be happier and worry less. Thinking negative thoughts won’t get you closer to your goals and will only get you stuck in one place as long as you keep thinking on them.

Learn to be assertive

Learn to stand up for yourself in a way that is confident and self-assured. You can learn to be assertive by seeing your self-worth, for starters. Then, you set boundaries with other people and tell them what they can and cannot do around you. Decide the consequences ahead of time, tell people the consequences of breaking your boundaries, and enforce the consequences if other people break those boundaries.

Don’t take things too personally

What people say or do to you aren’t necessarily with you much of the time so don’t take it too personally.  Don’t try to control other people’s actions and focus more on your own actions and reactions. The only actions you are responsible for are your own.

Take care of yourself

Eat healthy, meditate, breathe, and get professional help if you need it. Watch yourself and do whatever you need to do to take care of yourself because the minds and bodies of human beings aren’t infallible, and they need to be taken good care of like anything else in the world would.

Use positive self-talk to diffuse anger and to increase your confidence in yourself

Using positive self-talk will convince yourself that your goals are worth pursuing and that you, at least, believe in you. If you yourself start to believe in yourself, then you won’t pursue acceptance from the wrong people, and you will carry acceptance within yourself wherever you go, and it’ll be there whenever you need it.

Calm yourself

Do some meditation. Grab a cup of tea. Practice Yoga. Breathe and count to ten. Calm yourself so that your stress is reduced because stress can be a huge strain on your body and mind and can lead to health complications later on in life.

How to Be Emotionally StrongerWrite in a journal

Write your worries, daily life, and goals in a journal. It will relieve the intensity of your emotions if you write your feelings down on paper and give you some insight as to what you are feeling.

Find Solutions

There will always be problems, that’s part of life. However, if you focus most of your attention on solutions to those problems, you’ll stop ruminating on negative thoughts and start focusing attention on productive thoughts on how to find solutions out of problems.

Overall, Be consistent in applying these tips. You’ll eventually have the mental fortitude to weather any problem that comes your way because you’ll then subconsciously know where to place your most of your attention on.

It won’t be an easy journey. You’ll find yourself struggling to apply the tips because you’ve focused on your negative thoughts for so long. However, with hard work and perseverance, you’ll get to where you want to be.  And applying the tips, even when you get there, is still a necessity because you still have to take care of your mind to keep it in good shape.

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