How to Increase Fat Loss Immediately

by John Esposito
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In theories, the process of losing weight is quite simple and easy. But in reality, the opposite is the case. As an individual, if you are fed up with achieving just the basic results and not the results which you desire, it is high time to take that extra leap to achieve your desired result. There are some tips which are far from average and are backed up with science which are bound to give you results which are beyond average. These tips have been tried and tested and known to produce superb results. They include:

Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss

intermittent fasting Intermittent fasting is a well-known type of fasting which is quite popular among fitness personnel. This fasting entails the consumption of food during a short period while you observe a no-eating spree for the remaining time of the day. Initially, observing a long period of fasting can sound like a bad idea, but most individuals figured that the adoption of this pattern of dieting is easier to practice and maintain. Asides from that, it also provides superb results than any other type of dieting. Apart from the testimonies of other individuals, research has shown this diet plan aids in increasing your metabolic rate thereby speeding up the ability of your body to burn fat. Research has shown that intermittent fasting produces better results than any other type of dieting plan. The most popular and most effective type of intermittent fasting is the sixteen hours fasting followed by eight hours eating period. When performing this type of fasting, you must consume enough nutrients during your eating period to ensure that you do not become tired or experience fatigue.

HIIT Training is Superb for Weight Loss

Most individuals have heard of HIIT which stands for high-intensity interval training. This is a superb form of workout routine that elevates your body’s metabolism level. High-intensity interval training has been proven to provide better results than regular cardio workouts. Ten minutes of HIIT workout is equivalent to about an hour of cardio. HIIT entails the use of short periods to perform high-intensity workouts thereby driving your body into a state whereby it uses fat and carbs to fuel the functioning of your body. This is the major reason why the high-intensity interval training is known for providing an after effect for burning fat even after your workout session. Research has shown that the performance of HIIT aids in burning fat faster than the performance of regular cardio workout routines. High-intensity interval training has also been proven to reduce your risk of shedding muscles while losing weight like cardio. If you are individuals who wish to be toned and lean, then the performance of high-intensity interval training is the best option for you. To get the best results for HIIT, it is highly advisable that you perform this workout routine for as long as you can while pushing your body to its extreme then observing a few minutes resting periods. Perform HIIT exercises at least three to five times every week to achieve the best results.

The Consumption of Green Tea Speeds Up Weight Loss

green teaGreen tea is known to be a superb supplement that aids in curing illnesses and improving the health condition of individuals. What most individuals are not aware of is that green tea is also effective when it comes to the loss of weight. It aids in the promotion of weight loss mostly from your body fat. This occurs because it secretes fatty acid to the bloodstream for better metabolism. This occurs because green tea is naturally infused with caffeine. The caffeine present in green tea aids in the secretion of hormones known as catecholamine. These hormones are responsible for releasing fatty acids to the bloodstreams of individuals. They also contain superb antioxidants known as catechins which help in breaking down the hormones known as catecholamine. This means that green tea performs a superb function when it comes to the burning of fat and performs it for a long period. Research has shown that green tea increases the level of fatty acid which is secreted into the bloodstream. These fatty acids which are secreted into the bloodstream are in turn used to generate energy for the performance of basic functions. It is highly suggested that you consume green tea in the morning and the afternoon for superb results. You can incorporate the consumption of green tea in your regular diet routine to achieve amazing results.


Science has proven that there is a certain method of losing weight effectively. These methods include the use of intermittent fasting, high-intensity interval training, and many more.  

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