Did You Know a Date Could Get Your Lady in the Mood?

by John Esposito
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Most men think that a date is foreplay and the truth is that is possible. You can make a date enough of foreplay to get your lady in the mood. However, just buying expensive food or wine won’t be enough to get her going after the date. There are, however, many other great ideas for a date that can help you to get her in the mood and you can learn about these romantic ideas today!

Sunset Date

The sunset is romantic for just about everyone and now that it is getting colder, laying under a blanket together helps the romance a ton. You and your lady can sip some win and watch the sunset. This is the perfect date idea for you to get your lady in the mood and spark up that intimacy quite a bit as well.

preview-full-shutterstock_303137369 couple on bedroom floor kissingGoing to the Spa

What if your lady hates the cold or just doesn’t like to be outside? There are still date ideas that you can use to get her in the mood. You can take her to the spa. There is almost nothing that women enjoy better than being pampered and there is almost no place that is better for them to get pampered than at the spa. If you want to get your lady in the mood the spa is the place to go.

Homemade Dinner

If you know how to cook, this is an amazing and romantic date that is sure to get her in the mood. Even if you aren’t a professional cook, there are sure to be some easy recipes that you can whip up. Sit down at the table with candlelight or even by the fireplace if you have one and treat it like a picnic. She is sure to be whisked away with your skills and your hands are free to roam at home as well.

preview-full-couple-speed-dating-960x500Try Something New

Almost all women love spontaneity to some degree. You can make this into a date and try something new with her. Maybe the two of you will just go to a local art museum, on a hike or even to a new city. There are so many ways that you can try something new to impress her. You just never know, when you get back home, then maybe your lady will want to try something new in the bedroom as well.

Amusement Park Rides

Alright, so an amusement park doesn’t seem to rank at the top of the list for romance. However, there are some benefits of it if you are trying to get your lady in the mood. If she enjoys rides but they scare her a bit, you are right there to be her knight in shining armor so to speak. You can whisk her off the feet by getting her prizes at the games as well. It is a win-win situation. These are some of the many date ideas that you can use to get your lady in the mood. Plan one today and let it be a surprise for her! You will want to go on more and more dates after you see how much it gets her in the mood, which she will love as well.

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