Lots of Airplane Rides: Take the Best Snacks with You

by John Esposito
Do you ride on airplanes a lot for work or pleasure? If so, you may already know that there aren’t very many healthy snacks when riding on airplanes. The meals aren’t that great either. If you eat healthy at home, you don’t want to mess that up on the airplane rides. Learn about the best snacks that you can take with you.

Bringing Nuts

preview-full-healthy-airplane-mealMany nutritionist say you should definitely have nuts, almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, peanuts and pumpkin seeds. These are easy to take with you on an airplane carry-on bag. They are high in healthy fats, fibers and vegetable protein. These help you feel full while on your flight. You can also bring along some chia seeds. These are high in the soluble fibers. If there are fruits being served on the flight, you can add some of these seeds to them to make them even more nutritious.

Dried Fruits

Another one of the best snacks you can take with you on an airplane flight is dried fruits. These are excellent for your nutrition and they will help to hold you over until you get off the flight. They are high in minerals and vitamins. They also have just enough fibers and carbs to be nutritious as well. These help you keep your energy levels up on your trip.

Celery or Cucumbers

If you want a great snack to take with you on an airplane, you can eat celery or cucumbers. These aren’t generally going to go bad very quickly and you can eat them warm. They are full of anti-oxidants and nutrients. Additionally, they will surely keep your body hydrated while on the airplane.


preview-full-airlinemealbigIf you are going to have longer flights, you may need a bit more than a snack to hold you over. You don’t want to be starving your body on the flight. One of the best solutions to this is a sandwich. You can pack them ahead of time. Choose sandwich ingredients that will last without being in the refrigerator. Some examples may be shredded chicken, hummus, tuna and vegetables. Wrap up the sandwich with plastic wrap and store in a bag.


You can bring salads on your flight as well. These are another great option if you are going to have a longer flight. Again, you should be sure to choose ingredients that will last on your flight. You can add some quinoa, shredded chicken and some types of vegetables. For dressing you should put it in a non-spill container until you are ready to put it on your salad.

75 Percent Cocoa Chocolate

Did you know that this type of chocolate can help you to feel full? It also has polyphenol in it. This helps in regulating hormones, reducing stress and allowing you to relax on the plane ride. Now that you know which foods you should take on your flights so you can stay healthy, you may want a few more tips on what to bring and what to avoid. If you are bringing anything that could spill like the dressing, make sure you have it in a no-spill container and then keep that in a Ziploc bag just to be sure. Make sure you stay away from smelly-foods. Choose only foods that can be kept in room temperature. You have to eat when you are on the flights, so make sure you prepare for how long you will on the airplane and have food ready. If you are planning on going on another flight soon, as part of your packing, make sure you pack the foods you will be eating in your carry-on bag. You don’t want to go hungry or your trip may become more like a nightmare. You don’t want to eat the unhealthy foods on the airplane or your health could become a nightmare. Be prepared and have the most nutritious snacks available and with you when you are on your flights.

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