Do Not Eat These Foods on an Empty Stomach

by John Esposito
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Starting the morning right with a nutritious breakfast is easier said than done. It seems like a fantasy, really – sitting peacefully with some eggs, bacon, and pancakes. The reality is that a lot of people forego the first meal of the day to beat the traffic rush. Some are just not used to eating something complete and nourishing, so they just settle on a cup of coffee. However, some also make a quick grab of anything they can eat while driving or anything they can eat in less than one minute. The thing is that some of these quick bites you think are harmless can actually do some damage into your overall health. Below are foods you must never eat first thing in the morning when there’s nothing in your gut yet.

1. Citrus fruits

Many people go for grapefruits or oranges first thing in the morning and they think it’s healthy. It’s not, especially when you’re eating them on an empty stomach. The truth is that citrus fruits can cause irritation to your lower esophagus if you eat them for breakfast. Citrus fruits to start your day are definitely a bad idea.

2. Bananas

fresh tomato and bananaWhile this comes as shocking for a lot of people, it’s true. Bananas are not the best first-morning choice. This is because bananas can lead to an abrupt spike of magnesium in your bloodstream. This can possibly damage your heart.

3. Yogurt

bowl of creamy greek yogurt A lot of people choose yogurt in the morning thinking it’s healthy and just plainly ideal. Though yogurt isn’t essentially bad for you, eating it on an empty stomach makes you gain nothing from it. This is because the lactic acid bacteria in it are killed by the stomach’s hydrochloric acid if there’s no other food in your stomach yet.

4. Pastries

Eating croissants with your cup of coffee can be satisfying, but not necessarily great. Certain pastries actually have a form of yeast that can cause irritation to the stomach lining, which leads to flatulence or gassiness. Since pastries also contain high amounts of sugar, this can also overwhelm the liver if you have them on an empty stomach.

5. Pears

Getting a pear when you’re hungry may appear like a healthy choice, but eating it won’t satiate it. Plus, pears contain crude fiber, which can impair the mucous membranes if you’re eating them with no other food in your stomach yet.

6. Sugary drinks

While we already know sodas can’t be good in the morning, some still drink them when there’s no coffee as a source of caffeine. The predicament with drinking cold sugary drinks for ‘breakfast’ is that it can injure your stomach’s mucous membrane. This results to a slower course of digestion.

7. Tomatoes

Tomatoes aren’t a good idea as your first food of the day, especially if you have acid reflux or stomach ulcers. The reason behind this is because tomatoes contain high amounts of tannic acid, which can augment the acid levels in your gut, aggravating your reflux or causing uneasiness.

8. Cucumbers

While not a lot of people go for vegetables in the morning, just remember that cucumbers shouldn’t be considered. Eating them on an empty stomach can result to stomach pain, heartburn, gas, and overall uneasiness.

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