Do Penis Enlargement Machines Work?

by John Esposito
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The penis enlargement industry is a huge one raking in millions of dollars annually. This industry consists of numerous companies selling a wide variety of products which vary greatly from each other.  Some products are rather simple to use, and are relatively inexpensive where others consist of very complicated mechanisms and are extremely expensive.  All of them claim to increase penis size permanently, but do they really work? Do Penis Enlargement Machines Work man looking inside jeansFirst we have to realize that there are so many products out on the market, with new ones being released daily, so researching how each individual product works is virtually impossible.  The much easier route to go in being able to tell whether or not a product works is by understanding the anatomy of your penis and how it works. This is a lot simpler than the alternative of trying to figure out how the new penis extension machine works each time a new one is released. We need to understand that the penis is not a muscle, and does not work in a similar manner to skeletal muscle. The penis consists mainly of erectile tissue, which expands when filled with blood, causing the erection. This is controlled through a cell signaling process, which tells your body where to direct blood flow, opening up specific blood vessels in the penis causing the erection.  This type of tissue does not grow from doing work. This is a completely different process than what happens to skeletal muscle through weight training with completely different results. Weight training is effective in building skeletal muscle because of how our muscles work; you tear a small amount of muscle fiber by exertion, meaning doing work or lifting weights in this case. Your body then responds by repairing the damaged tissue, which then grows and you see results. woman excited at man revealing his packageIn the case of your penis however, all that lifting weights does is cause you unnecessary pain, wastes your money and your time. Products that claim to increase penis size by using some sort of weight are generally ones you want to stay away from, considering how the penis works and how the products work.  Generally the same can be said for any product that uses some machine or apparatus to extend the size of the penis claiming that it will permanently increase size. Again, knowing the anatomy of the penis tells us otherwise. All these extension machines do is cause excruciating pain over a prolonged period of time which could be seen by some as torture. These types of extension machines, which stretch and pull the penis slowly over a period of months work in a very similar manner to the ones used to stretch broken limbs to increase height, a very long excruciating process. If the penis was made of bone this method could work because it could be broken, extended and the body would naturally the bone. Unfortunately the penis is not a bone, the idea of breaking it is frightening, and the only way to repair a broken penis would be to undergo reconstructive surgery. For these reasons you may want to avoid penis extension machines.  All in all products that claim to increase penis size by physical pulling do nothing except cause extreme pain and agony! So what is the end result here, do these products work? Unfortunately no, these products that claim to stretch the penis through exercise or weights simply do not work because of the physiology of the penis.  There are alternative options out there though like surgery which is higher risk and very expensive. Another alternative are supplements and vitamins which can increase libido, endurance and overall sexual performance through the production of compounds which do influence the biochemistry behind how the penis works.

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